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Tip of the Week: The Dashboard

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

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Every business has a direction and a destination. To reach that destination, you need to set out goals and expectations to provide your employees with a systematic and achievable firm vision. Not only that, when you set personal goals it can be motivating for your employees when they achieve and accomplish their targets. With it being the start of a new year, this week’s Tip of the Week looks at our Dashboard feature to help your firm see great things in 2020!

With the Dashboard, you can track yearly hourly goals and billing goals, with an easy-to-read graphical view through which you can track and view individual billing performances against the annual billable hour goals.

To access your Dashboard, first, ensure it is enabled under Account>Settings>General tab.

Next up, click on Dashboard>Settings>Targets and Permissions from the top menu bar. This is where you can set up annual Target Hours and Target Billing Rates for each individual user.

Once you’ve set these targets up, you can see the actual progress against targets set under Dashboard>Dashboard through visual graphs. The ‘Amount’ tab even shows the actual billable amount against the collected amount.

The benefits of reviewing these individual billing statistics are to increase revenue by providing an insight into where your staff is meeting expectations and where the firm is suffering through inadequate billing. This feature also directly addresses each individual Timekeeper, which means you can watch out for personal progress and accountability.

If you’d like TimeSolv support for more help in understanding our Dashboard feature, please call 1.800.715.1284 or schedule a FREE 30-minute session now!


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