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Tip of the Week: Using TimeSolv custom envelopes

Written by Scott Clasen

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So a lot of firms have made the transition of sending invoices via email. But we know a lot of clients still want an invoice sent through traditional means which can raise a frustrating issue. Have you run across the inconvenience of trying to align the from and to addresses on your invoices to match the two windows available for most business envelopes? We feel that pain, which is why TimeSolv developed our own custom envelopes to insert invoices.

These self-seal custom large window #10 envelopes are not available at any retailer, we had them made just for us. You company’s log, name and address, as well as your customer’s name and address fit easily within the one large window. This will save time and hassle of that game you play every month in trying to precisely fold your invoices to match generic envelope windows.

Here’s how the pricing break down if you’d like to order these custom envelopes:

Pricing for custom envelopes

Let’s recap the benefits of using these envelopes.

  • Easily fit From and To addresses in one larger window
  • Left-aligned company logo viewable through envelope window
  • Easier to stuff invoices because of larger (#10) size
  • No need for labels
  • Self adhesive
  • Convenient size for sending payment envelopes to client
  • Quick – Just print, tri-fold and insert your invoice and you’re done

If you’d like to order envelopes for your firm, call us at 1.800.715.1284, or email us at [email protected].


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