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Tired of Legacy Systems – Time to Transition to Modern Legal Software

Written by Erika Winston

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As members of a profession highly steeped in tradition, many attorneys choose to run their law offices with tools and resources that have been utilized within the legal community for years and even generations. When opening a new practice, young lawyers may look to their older and more established peers for law practice management guidance. Unfortunately, this may lead you down the road of outdated, expensive, and ineffective software systems.

It only takes a quick glimpse at some of these legacy system reviews to see that there is a substantial amount of dissatisfaction with them. If you are among one of the many attorneys who is fed up with your legacy legal software system, it is probably time to transition to a more modern legal software.


Common legacy system complaints

While the complaints about these systems are numerous, there are some that come up more regularly than others. Here is a list of some of the more common legacy system complaints:

  • Price – Many legacy system users object to the high cost of maintaining them. Not only is there the initial price of purchasing the system, but there is also the ongoing cost of maintaining it. For example, many of these systems require a dedicated server within the office. An effective server can cost thousands of dollars to purchase, install and properly maintain. Another element of the pricing criticism is the ongoing need to pay for system upgrades each year. Some legacy systems even refuse to provide technical support for outdated versions of their software. This translates to additional maintenance costs for the law firm should something go wrong with the system. TimeSolv provides an affordable legal time tracking and billing option. Not only is the subscription cost reasonable, but updates are also completed on a regular basis with no additional cost to the user.
  • Usability – According to reviews, legacy systems have a significant learning curve. They are apparently not designed for easy implementation – so much so that many law firms find it necessary to hire independent consultants to come in and teach their attorneys and staff members how to properly use the system. This can be problematic for a number of reasons. First, these consultants can get expensive, adding to the already substantial costs. Secondly, if there is turnover in the firm, these consultants may have to come in multiple times to train new users. In the alternative, if law firms choose not to bring in training consultants, they may end up with billing systems that are not being effectively utilized by staff. TimeSolv prides itself on providing a user-friendly concept that is easily learned and utilized. In addition, the company offers numerous training and technical support options from online resources to one-on-one consultations with TimeSolv experts.
  • Reliability – Another common legacy system complaint is a lack of reliability. Many users complain about frequent crashes, leaving their firm without the ability to complete efficient and timely billing. As reported in the reviews, this problem is most prevalent within law firms that cannot afford regular system updates – and if the firm can’t afford the system update, there is a good chance that the cost of outside technical support may also be beyond the budget. In addition, reliability issues also stem from problems with the server. For systems that rely on servers, a breakdown of the server equals a breakdown of the entire system. TimeSolv is cloud-based software, maintained on a highly secure and availability system. Their team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the system is highly and consistently available.
  • Mobility – We live within a mobile society and modern law firms are no exception. For lawyers who are constantly on the go, having a mobile time tracking system is vital to efficient and accurate billing. Because many of these legacy systems are server-based, they cannot be used on the go. Even those that claim mobility typically require an internet connection for signing into the system platform. TimeSolv offers a truly mobile experience. With its mobile application, you can access the system from your tablet or smartphone, even without an internet connection.


Upgrading your system

If these complaints sound painfully familiar, it is definitely time to make a change and start the upgrade process. A lot of lawyers resist making these changes because they perceive it to be too difficult, time-consuming, and cumbersome. They think that the transfer will disrupt their office processes and jeopardize their current records, resulting in an even bigger headache. But this doesn’t have to be the case if you choose the right modern software.

The folks at TimeSolv have carefully considered each of these concerns and worked hard to address them. They understand what’s at stake when providing services to legal practice, so they have created an upgrade process that is seamless, organized, and secure.

  • The Preparation Phase – The first step in the migration and conversion plan is to establish a timeline for stopping the use of your current legacy system. When considering the appropriate timeline, TimeSolv experts consider the best method for ensuring continuous service to your clients. They examine the technical aspects of your current service and use to craft a conversion plan that is specific to you and your law firm’s needs.
  • The Transition Phase – During this step, the TimeSolv experts begin transferring your client data from your legacy system into the TimeSolv database. This auto-migration process has been carefully designed for substantial minimization of downtime within your practice. Once the information is uploaded, the experts compare your historical data with the uploaded information to ensure that it is accurate and identify any issues before they can negatively impact your practice. The TimeSolv process allows your firm to continue servicing your clients without interruption throughout the conversion process.
  • Implementation – After completion of the review, your assigned expert will help you go live with your new TimeSolv system. You can then utilize all of the training resources made available to you, so your entire firm can properly use the system.

If you’re tired of the problems that come along with your legacy billing system, make the change to a modern system that can elevate your law office. To learn more about the benefits of TimeSolv, click here to start your free trial.


About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, The Legal Writing Studio, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications. 


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