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Tools to Make Flex Time Policies Work While Staying Profitable

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Whether you are a lawyer at a small, mid-sized, or large firm, long hours for lawyers have long been the norm, with many attorneys working well in excess of 2,000 billable hours a year, and with many associates more or less being expected to bill that much. For some lawyers, billing that many hours is desirable for a number of reasons: building their business, hitting bonuses, or simply because they love the work. But other lawyers seek more of a balance between a prosperous career and time to spend with their families and community and in pursuing other passions.

The Challenges of Flex Time Policies

More and more law firms have responded to this desire for balance from lawyers by offering “flex time” work policies which gives attorneys the ability to work more limited hours, and which often include the option of working from home or other remote locations. Because so much attorney work is done outside of the courtroom anyway, this can be a workable option in many cases, but there do remain perceived challenges with remote working policies including:

  • How will administrative tasks like time entry and billing be done?
  • How can tasks be easily assigned to someone working from afar?
  • How does a managing attorney make sure the work is being done on schedule and within budget?

There is a Solution

All of these issues are critical to maintaining the profitability of a firm through satisfied clients and prompt and efficient time tracking and billing. And with TimeSolv, firms of all sizes can easily address these issues through the following features:

  • Remote Time Entry: With TimeSolv, all timekeepers can easily use TimeSolv’s intuitive and simple time entry features to input their time from anywhere at any time. TimeSolv works on Macs, PC’s, smartphones, and tablets, and time is automatically synced, regardless of where the timekeeper tracked the time. TimeSolv also allows users to input their time while offline.
  • Project Management: TimeSolv includes project management software that lets supervisors assign tasks remotely and at any time, and share information among all team members, while automatically keeping track of hours and milestones.
  • Reporting Functions: TimeSolv lets you keep track of attorney performance from afar without being intrusive or requiring unnecessary checkins.

Get Your Free 30-Day Trial of TimeSolv Today

TimeSolv offers competitive pricing that brings big-firm innovation to all types of firms, no matter the size. For a single time-keeper, you can incorporate TimeSolv and its support features for the low price of only $34.95 per month, or $31.46 per month when paid annually. Prices decrease as more timekeepers are included, going down to as a little as $9.95 per timekeeper per month. To start your free 30-day trial of TimeSolv today, click here.

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