Legal Marketing

Eight Leadership Skills You Need for your Law Firm to Excel

A lot of effort goes into running a law firm and reaching a level of accomplishment can be a difficult task. Not only do leaders have to focus on the actual practice of law, they must also manage the administrative duties of keeping the business moving in the right direction.   A successful law practice requires successful leadership… and successful leadership entails…

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Legal Marketing: Implement creative legal marketing techniques to increase your law firm growth

Marketing must be a part of any successful law firm growth plan. Without it, you cannot get your firm’s name in front of potential clients. Now, what I’m speaking about is much more than putting up a fancy website and leaving it alone to perform on its own. In this crowded legal landscape, you need to use a bit of…

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6 Helpful Lessons for Law Firm Leaders on Examining and Implementing New Legal Technology

The right legal technology can make a world of difference for the productivity and efficiency of your law office. Whether you are looking to improve your invoicing processes or make document review less tedious, tech upgrades can take your practice from existing to thriving. But just as legal technology can add to your firm, it…

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Get More Visitors on Your Law Firm Blog with Innovative Content Ideas


Over the last ten years, it’s become pretty difficult to find a law firm website that doesn’t contain a blog. Attorneys have finally realized the value of providing good content on a regular basis, but it can be difficult to keep your blog current and interesting in the midst of so much competition. To keep visitors coming back, it’s important to incorporate innovative copy. So, here…

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The Importance of Reviews and Ratings in Generating Leads for your Law Firm

Never before in the history of the legal profession have reviews and ratings had so much influence on a law firm’s ability to generate leads and secure clients. This is an entirely new ballgame, where reviews live on the internet forever, easily accessed with just a click of the mouse.  I know this sounds a bit dramatic,…

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