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Social media and your employees

In the good old days, a disgruntled employee would go home and vent to a significant other about the pressures of his or her job. Nowadays, complaining and venting often happens on social media for the entire world to see. These public statements can create serious problems for your practice, especially if the rant includes…

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The benefits of moving from legacy legal billing to a cloud-based solution

Hand pressing a cloud computing icon on blurred cityscape background

Regardless of firm size or scope of practice area, most attorneys find themselves overworked and with an ever-growing to-do list, especially those in managing roles. For these attorneys carrying the success of the firms on their backs, the idea of making significant changes to the way the firm conducts its administrative functions can sometimes feel…

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Tip of the Week: New way to view draft invoices

Tired of always downloading a draft invoice to view before sending? So were we. So we’ve changed the way you can quickly view a draft invoice to save you time and make you more efficient and that’s our Tip of the Week. You’ll notice now when looking at your list of draft invoices, there’s an…

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Do you fit the attorney profile?

All too often, attorneys find themselves on the receiving end of unflattering jokes. That’s partly because generations of legal practice have created widespread beliefs about attorneys and what makes them tick. Let’s have a little fun. Here are some common characteristics associated with lawyers. See if you fit the profile. Glass half empty.  Did you…

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Tip of the Week: New features with latest TimeSolv update

TimeSolv released an update to the software yesterday that included several new features, among other upgrades. Let’s take a look at these features as part of our Tip of the Week.   Access to Assigned Matters Only Back in June, we wrote about how to assign matters to professionals so they only saw those matters…

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Finding the right virtual paralegal

A decade ago, virtual paralegals were widely viewed as a fleeting trend. Fast forward to today and, not only are these remote legal professionals still around, but many of them provide valuable services to numerous legal practices. These lawyers find virtual paralegals an attractive option because they meet support needs without the added overhead of…

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Taking advantage of bar resources

When was the last time you visited the Resource Section of the American Bar Association (ABA) website? Let me rephrase that. Have you ever visited the Resource Section of the ABA website? What about assistance offered by your state bar association? Are you taking advantage of those benefits? If not, you could be missing out…

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The digital law firm: managing remote employees

Freelancer desktop with necessary work tools. Startup retoucher and photographer office. Modern technologies, remote working, home employment concept

Last month, we discussed the benefits of starting a virtual law office, and whether you think of a decentralized law practice as being a “virtual law office” or a “digital law firm,” there are indeed many benefits to harnessing the power of technology to reduce overhead while spreading the breadth and scope of the practice.…

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Phishing, whaling, and your legal practice

You may have scratched your head at the title of this post. What is phishing and what in the world does whaling have to do with your law practice? Phishing is a cyber attack technique that has been around for quite a few years. With the constant evolution of cyber threats, what was once phishing…

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These five movies will inspire the lawyer in you

The daily practice of law can prove challenging to even the most enthusiastic lawyer. Impossible deadlines, demanding clients, and unreasonable judges can be enough to make any attorney question their choice of career. When you find yourself in this position, an inspirational legal movie can offer a dose of needed distraction, while rekindling the flame…

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Choosing the right time tracking system for your law office

It’s no secret that most lawyers despise time tracking. Conventional methods have proven to be overly time consuming, inefficient, inaccurate and just plain painful. Yet, many law firms cling to time tracking systems that clearly do not work… all in the name of tradition. Well, it’s time for a new tradition – one that makes…

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