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Last updated: October 24, 2020


CosmoLex pricing, reviews, and features compared against top competitors.


In 2012, our founding visionary, Rick Kabra, Ph.D., realized. — after several years of developing specialized legal software — that the time had come to bring the benefits of “The Cloud” to law offices. Rick saw how Cloud computing can especially help small-to-midsize firms keep their legal technology simple and cost-efficient.

Learning how to use their accounting features was a bit overwhelming, in particular because you have to learn how to use both the practice management and accounting components at the same time. If you have previous experience with Quickbooks or Xero going into the platform, it may take some additional time to get used to since the accounting does not work how you might intuitively expect.

CosmoLex Reviews

TimeSolv Reviews CosmoLex Reviews
TimeSolv Legal CosmoLex
Features Comparable
Trust Pilot
Terms Annual and Monthly Options Annual and Monthly Options
Annual Cost* $431.52 $948
* Based on one user license
Note: Cosmolex hasn’t been reviewed by Trust Pilot which is why their rating is not shown in the table.

TimeSolv Review

Developed in 1999 by Thomson Reuters Elite Online Solutions before becoming privately owned in 2006, TimeSolv has created an industry-leading process to convert data from any legacy-based system and move it to TimeSolv including Timeslips.

Cosmolex Review

CosmoLex is cloud-based practice management software designed to help lawyers keep track of their cases and their accounting with its all-in-one platform approach to case and practice management.

CosmoLex Pricing

The pricing structure for TimeSolv is fairly simple as compared to Cosmolex. You can compare the pricing details below and can even play with TimeSolv Pricing Tool Here.

CosmoLex Pricing CosmoLex Pricing CosmoLex Pricing
TimeSolv Legal CosmoLex
Get started cost Free Trial

(30-Days Free Trial)

Free Trial

(14-Days Free Trial)

Monthly cost $39.95/mo. $89/mo.
Onboarding Free Free
Price Transparency Yes Yes
Unlimited Clients and Matters Yes No
Unlimited Document Storage Yes Yes
Free Training Yes Yes
TimeSolv is great! The easiness of it. When you do have a problem, customer service is great. The price is affordable.
Christine Carima

The Law Office of Christine Carima.

TimeSolv vs. CosmoLex – Key Features

See why TimeSolv is the #1 alternative to Cosmolex when it comes to legal billing software. Compare all the features that are most relevant to your business.
TimeSolv vs. CosmoLex - Key Features TimeSolv vs. CosmoLex - Key Features TimeSolv vs. CosmoLex - Key Features
TimeSolv Legal Cosmolex
Total 20/20 17/20
Document Templates ✔ ✔
Activity Tracking ✔ ✔
Customer Statements ✔ ✔
Fee Calculation ✔ ✔
Batch Email Invoices ✔ ✔
Split Billing ✔ No
Credit Card Payment Processing ✔ ✔
Mobile Apps ✔ ✔
Desktop Widget ✔ ✔
Unlimited Clients & Matters ✔ No
One-on-One Training & Support ✔ ✔
Multiple Electronic Billing Formats ✔ ✔
ABA Task & Activity Codes ✔ ✔
Multiple Hourly Rate Rules ✔ ✔
Quickbooks Integration ✔ No
Recurring Expenses ✔ ✔
Reports ✔ ✔
UTMBS/LEDES Billing ✔ ✔
NetDocuments Integration ✔ ✔
Data Import/Export ✔ ✔

TimeSolv is an excellent, simple to use time-entry and invoicing system with good customer support. TimeSolv is intuitive and easy to use. The program opens to the time-entry page. Entering time and generating invoices is quick and simple

Gary Horowitz

HCH Legal, LLC

Comparison of Features

Compare Cosmolex’ Basic features to TimeSolv’s. As you can see in the table below, TimeSolv outperforms Cosmolex in key areas with more robust invoicing and billing freatures that Cosmolex doesn’t have.
Comparison of Features Comparison of Features Comparison of Features
TimeSolv Legal Cosmolex
Total 6/6 5/6
Time Tracking ✔ ✔
Invoicing ✔ ✔
Reporting ✔ ✔
Expense Tracking ✔ ✔
Project Management ✔ No
Document Management ✔ ✔

It does exactly what I need. I am a very small firm. Only two people in my office. I previously used Timeslips and then Chaos Legal. TimeSolv does the job exactly as needed. It has abbreviations (snippets) that are excellent.

Caleb Donner

Donner & Donner

Legal Document Management Features

Explore alternatives to Cosmolex in time tracking features. See how Cosmolex compares in key areas, such as automatic time capture, offline time tracking, expense tracking and more. Find an alternative to Cosmolex for key time tracking features that are most important to you.
Legal Document Management Features Legal Document Management Features Legal Document Management Features
TimeSolv Legal Cosmolex
Total 6/6 6/6
Access Controls ✔ ✔
Custom Documents ✔ ✔
Document Templates ✔