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As a bankruptcy lawyer, it’s critical to be able to keep your time and expenses organized and plan all the minute details needed to be successful as you navigate the bankruptcy process for your clients. TimeSolv’s matter planning tools mean staying on task and on budget, in real-time.

The Exact Features You Need for Success

Lightning Fast Time Entries

Four different ways to create time entries, whether on or offline means more time spent helping your bankruptcy clients and less time with the paperwork and process.

Effortless Invoicing

The most critical part of running your practice is getting your invoices out quickly and efficiently. With a variety of billing arrangements and custom templates, you’ll never look at billing the same way again.

Efficient Document Management Saves Time

Create custom templates to automatically create documents with specific client information. Integrate with NetDocuments, Dropbox or our own hosting solution.

Get Paid Faster

Let your clients pay you faster with our Client Portal with LawPay. Receive Trust payments quickly, automatically replenish Trust accounts when they fall below set thresholds. It’s all possible.

Fee Application Made Easy

As a bankruptcy attorney, making a fee application is a way of life. Break out invoices with a summary by task codes to make your fee application submission process fast and efficient.

Matter Planning that Works

Staying on track with all the tasks needed to successfully navigate your bankruptcy matter is critical. Create phases and tasks with allocating hours and track in real-time.

Integrations You Need

A custom two-way sync with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop versions means data flows both directions, allowing TimeSolv to be the ultimate compliment to your accounting system.

The TimeSolv Difference

For years I've been frustrated with the rigidity of Timeslips. TimeSolv solves for all of that in a web-based, easily migrated and intuitive system. A beautiful tether-cutting solution and presents far better dashboard information from the first page. Personal one-on-one, direct, consistent customer service - meaning your own dedicated service professional directly accessible and quickly responsive eliminated any transitional resistance. Seamless transition without any billing cycle delay.

Peter Finocchiaro

Finocchiaro & Associates, PC

TimeSolv is hands down the best legal billing program available today. With more than 20 years in the legal industry, I've worked with a variety of legal billing programs, and this one tops the cake. 

Eva DeVincentis

O'Kelly & Ernst, LLC

We have purchased or demoed countless billing solutions in my firm's multi-year quest to find a better alternative to Timeslips. Clio, Amicus, Bill4Time, Cosmolex, Firm Central, Cosmolex, QuickBooks, eBillity, MyCase, you name it, we tried it. Then we stumbled across TimeSolv. It is outstanding in every way and the simplicity of the user interface has led to ready adoption by everyone in the office and higher usage, and time capturing ratio, than we have ever experienced.

Pete Thomas

Praxidice Law

COVID-19 related FAQs

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How is TimeSolv helping firms impacted by COVID-19?
TimeSolv is committed to law firm success during the COVID-19 pandemic. This effort includes offering use of TimeSolv for free for 60 days for firms who qualify. We also have years of experience in running our business from home. Watch our home office special webinar to learn some tips on how to not just survive, but thrive in this type of work environment.
What impact does COVID-19 have on using TimeSolv software?

TimeSolv is truly a “work from home” solution. Our software is web-based, meaning you have access to our software and your data from any computer, using any browser. All you need is your user name and password to gain access. You never have to download our software to a specific computer to use, meaning you have flexibility and accessibility at all times.

What features does TimeSolv have to help firms operating from home?

Firms operating from home are facing questions they’ve never had to consider in their traditional office environment. TimeSolv has several unique features to help with these questions.


  • Task management. Working from home means each member of your firm is accountable in different ways. The ability to create matter plans and assign tasks to timekeepers with allocated time to complete tasks means more communication and transparency for a fractured work place.
  • If your firm prints and mails invoices and suddenly this becomes a daunting task in your home office, TimeSolv offers an AutoMail option, where we will print and mail the invoices for your firm.
  • Document management. Sharing documents is critical for any law office. If you do not have normal or fast access to your documents, use TimeSolv’s document management tools so everyone can view and edit documents from our software, including detailed versioning control.
  • Outsourced Legal Billing. If your firm has found your entire billing process broken during this time, TimeSolv offers our billing service. Allow us to create your draft invoices, make edits for you and send invoices. We’ll even generate the reports that are important to you.

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