Approval Process

Multi-Step Approval Process

Flexible workflow management software helps you catch invoice mistakes before they ever see the light of day.

To ensure every invoice you send is 100% accurate, TimeSolv supports your business process by supporting approval from multiple levels of project or staff managers.

That means two things. First, instead of chaotic and shifting approval steps, you get a simple and efficient process that everyone can easily work with.

Second, the invoices that reach your clients will be error-free. And flawless invoices are something everyone can get behind.



TimeSolv Approval Process Lets You Approve Time, Expenses, or both.

  • Approve only what you want  — create a unique approval process for each project
  • Choose who approves  — with customizable approval workflows
  • Create approval workflow templates  — to save time when you’re working on similar projects
  • Keep everyone informed  — with automatic email notifications of rejected time or expense entries

What TimeSolv Can Do for Your Business

TimeSolv works for just about any professional, but is especially popular with…

Any great law firm is built on client trust. Maintaining consistent and professional communication with all of your clients is essential, and correct invoices from your legal billing software are a crucial component.

TimeSolv makes it easy to enter into a new client’s time or expense reporting workflow unobtrusively and efficiently, as well as ensuring your invoices are perfect.

Ensuring that everything is perfect in your most complex projects is an integral part of any accountant’s job. TimeSolv makes it easy to finish all of your projects mistake-free.

Knowing your time and expense entries are billed accurately is a great feeling for any freelancer. With TimeSolv, that’s a feeling you’re going to need to get used to.

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