Client Portal with LawPay

Get Paid Faster with Online Payments

Automatically email invoices and enable clients to pay by credit card or ACH.

LawPay and TimeSolv provide a seamless credit card and ACH payment processing. Together we offer efficiency of online bill presentment, collection of recurring payments, the convenience of online bill payments, and trust deposits.

Client portal reduces the administrative effort required to provide information to clients regarding their bills and payments. With the client portal, clients can independently view invoices, payment histories, trust balances, and details of work in progress.

LawPay Partnership with TimeSolv

Client Portal with LawPay – Empower Your Clients to Pay Faster

  • Online Payments — clients can pay bills quickly with a few clicks from their checking account or via credit card.
  • Recurring payments — automatically collect recurring payments from a client until a balance is paid.
  • Replenish trust account — e-mail retainer invoices asking clients to deposit funds into trust accounts with online payments.
  • Invoices— enable clients to view and download current and historical invoices.
  • Payment history — clients can view account statements to ensure that all payments are reflected.
  • Trust balance — clients can independently view their trust balance instead of calling the law firm.
  • Work in progress — clients can see work completed that has not been billed.

 Webinar – TimeSolv Launches Client Portal With LawPay

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