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Online Invoicing Software

TimeSolv’s Invoice Billing Software Features Help You

  • Create individualized billing — for each client, including custom narratives for a personal touch
  • Use 10+ formats — including PDF and Excel, as well as Word and more
  • Bill electronically — with ABA task codes, UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System), Chubbs, LEDES 1998B, and LEDES 1998BI
  • Choose fixed fee or milestone options — fulfilling any billing arrangement
  • Calculate taxes automatically — to save time and ensure compliance
  • See your allocated payments — from a client on the invoice statement of account
  • Customize your invoices — by downloading and further modifying them in Word
  • Correct any mistakes — by seamlessly updating original entries while editing a draft invoice
  • Adjust invoice totals — by easily editing billed time and expense entries and applying adjustments and discounts
  • Deliver with confidence — using TimeSolv’s integrated printing and mailing service
  • Work on any platform — with TimeSolv’s billing software for Mac

What TimeSolv Can Do for Your Business

TimeSolv works for just about any professional, but is especially popular with…

Happy clients bring referrals and law firms are built on those referrals. Ensure your clients are satisfied by delivering invoices with clear formatting and personalized formatting.

Improve communication with your clients, by sending online invoices that break down every aspect of a project for them.

TimeSolv online billing and invoicing supports accountants by allowing them to easily manage time, expenses, billing, payments, and outstanding balances.

Show your clients that you’re not just a freelancer, you’re a professional. With custom invoices bearing your logo alongside easy to understand information, your clients won’t need to be reminded why they hired you.

Invoice Templates

Legal Invoice with UTBMS (Uniform Task Based Management System)

The American Bar Association defines categories for legal time and expenses by UTBMS codes. These codes are required for creating electronic invoices in the LEDES 98B format. This format requires a Task Code and an Activity Code.

This user has chosen to show the UTBMS codes for time and expense entries, Statement of Account, and Remittance Section. In this example, the user has also chosen to use all options of the Time and Expense Details, and included a Remittance Section with user-defined payment instructions.


Invoice with Cover Page, Time and Expense Details, Statement of Account and Remittance Page

This invoice includes a Cover Page, Time and Expense Details, a Statement of Account, and a Remittance Page.

The user has entered custom text on the cover page, in the Time and Expense Details section, and on the Remittance Page. They have also chosen to include all options in the Time and Expense Details sections. This invoice also shows a percentage discount applied.


Invoice with Time & Expense Details, Statement of Account and Remittance Page

This invoice includes Time & Expense Details, Time & Expense Summary, and the Remittance Page.

In this example, the user has chosen to use all options of the Time and Expense Details, included a Time Summary grouped by task and timekeeper, an Expense Summary grouped by expense by timekeeper, and also included a Remittance Section with user-defined payment instructions.


Invoice for a Fixed Fee Matter

Users can track time and expenses, but choose not to show the details on the invoice. They can type in what they would like visible on the invoice and show the charges.


Invoice with Time & Expense Detail

This example shows an invoice with a left-aligned letterhead logo and the Time and Expense details only.

The user has chosen to exclude the Cover Page, Time & Expense Summary, Statement of Account, and the Remittance Page. The user has also chosen to exclude the Timekeeper and Rate from the Time and Expense Detail section.


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