TimeSolv’s reporting software gives you vital perspective to manage your business with confidence.

Running a great business often comes down to the ability to see the whole picture. Gain fresh insights into your business with over 25 different reports for law firms and other businesses covering billable hours, accounts receivable, expenses, performance, and much more.

TimeSolv lets you stay on top of your business’ performance with a simple interface. From basic, daily reports on time-tracking and expenses, to big picture financial analyses of firm profitability and employee productivity, you’ll find powerful information right at your fingertips.

Our insightful reports can be viewed and shared in 10 formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, and more. Better time and expense report software means better business, so don’t wait to get started.

Aged Invoices Report with TimeSolv

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What TimeSolv Can Do for Your Business

TimeSolv works for just about any professional, but is especially popular with…

Our law firm reports (which include billable hours, productivity, revenue, and commissions per attorney) are designed to quickly get you up to speed on matters, clients, and individual attorneys, all in one place.

TimeSolv’s detailed reports can help you gain valuable perspectives on both your business and that of your clients.

Our accounting and other financial reports effortlessly bring clarity and insight to your data. You’ll wonder what you did before you had them.

With TimeSolv’s detailed reports it’s easier than ever to dig deep into your most complex projects, even as you jump back and forth between clients.

See Our Time Reporting Software’s Comprehensive Reports

Time Tracking

Report Name Description
Time Entries Time Entries List of time entries grouped by client and matter
Time Summary Time Summary Weekly and monthly totals of time entries grouped by combination of client, matter, and professionals
Expense Entries Expense Entries List of expense entries grouped by client and matter
Missing Time Missing Time Hours missed by a timekeeper per day or per week
Task Summary 2 Task Summary Sum of time entries grouped by professional and task


Report Name Description
Accounts Receivable Account Receivable Accounts receivables grouped by client
Ledger Entries Ledger Entries List of payments and invoices for a client

Invoices, Payments, and Trusts

Report Name Description
Invoice Summary Invoice Summary Summary of invoices grouped by client
Aged Invoices Aged Invoices List of aged invoices by client
Invoinces and WIP Aging Invoice and WIP Aging Total of unpaid invoices and work in progress, used to determine total amount owed by a client
Cash Receipts Cash Receipts List of credits and payments grouped by client
Payment History Payment History List of payment allocations grouped by client
Trust Banking Trust Banking Trust accounting reports of transactions and trust balances by client and project


Report Name Description
Realization per Client Realization per Client Realization of billable versus billed time grouped by client and project
Realization per Invoice Realization per Invoice Realization of hours, fees, and amount per invoice grouped by client
Realization per Timekeeper Realization per Timekeeper Realization of billed versus billable hours grouped by timekeeper


Report Name Description
Firm Performance Firm Performance Performance of the firm over a period of time
Time Budget Time Budget Budgeted versus billed and unbilled time grouped by client and project
Client Rankings Client Rankings Ranking of clients by total fees worked, billed, and cash receipts
Timekeeper Profitability Timekeeper Profitability Profitability per timekeeper based on billed versus original fees
Revenue and Commissions Revenue and Commisions Revenue collected per timekeeper, manager and per responsible timekeeper

Managing Projects

Report Name Description
Resource Allocation Resource Allocation List of project plan task assigned to resources grouped by resource or by project
Budget Budget Details of budgeted versus actual hours and expense in a Project

Managing the Firm

Report Name Description
Task Codes Task Codes Categories for time entries
Expense Codes Expense Codes Categories for expense entries
Timekeeper and Rates Timekeepers and Rates List of timekeepers and their hourly rates
Clients and Matters Clients and Projects Details of client contact and client billing settings including project details
Tax Listing Tax Listing Tax listing by client
Abbreviations Abbreviations List of narratives with abbreviations

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