Self-Hosted Option

Self Hosted/Customized Option

TimeSolv allows you to host on your own servers and customize the software with our help.

We’re one of the few SaaS (software as a service) providers that give you a full range of self-hosting options.

From data security to determining when updates and maintenance are performed, self-hosting provides a variety of benefits. If it’s important for your firm to have full control of your software and the ability to customize it to meet your specific business needs, you’ve found the right place.

At TimeSolv, we make switching to self-hosting easy by aiding you through the entire process. If you’re looking to set up a customized version of the software on your own servers, that help makes an enormous difference.

Contact TimeSolv to learn more about how we can provide you a self-hosted and fully-customizable solution by extending our current product.

Self Hosting Options for legal billing

Hosting Your Own Data Lets You

  • Upgrade and customize at will — with everything running within your own intranet
  • Stay in control — by setting your own server security and maintenance times

What TimeSolv Can Do for Your Industry

TimeSolv works for just about any professional, but is especially popular with…


For law firms needing a customized solution, TimeSolv has the capability to develop a customized time billing solution and integrate it to your firm’s software applications. In addition, self-hosting for larger law firms is a great option to simplify a variety of data, security, and storage needs. TimeSolv keeps you flexible and agile by giving you options. Then, we work with you to ensure the software works no matter who’s hosting it.


Working on independent servers can provide great peace of mind for many clients with security and other concerns.


If your accounting firm needs the flexibility and reliability of self-hosting, why should your time tracking a billing software hold you back? It shouldn’t. TimeSolv gives you that choice.

Engineering Firms

TimeSolv can be fully customized to meet the need of even the most demanding engineering firm. The complexities of their larger projects can be handled by crafting the software to meet them head on.


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