TimeSolv Mobile

TimeSolv Mobile App

Time tracking on the go for busy lawyers and other professionals

Don’t miss a single billable hour while away from the office by entering time on the TimeSolv Mobile App for iPhones and Android phones. TimeSolv Mobile app gives you the needed flexibility to work on the go, while tracking time and expenses from anywhere and everywhere.

Flexibility to track time with the built-in timer makes TimeSolv Mobile App a perfect companion for users on the go.  Easily track your time spent on a phone call by starting the timer when you receive the call and stopping the timer when done. It works with or without an internet connection, so you never miss billing for a phone call or other expense. Even if you are on an airplane and do not have internet access, you can still use the TimeSolv Mobile App.

With TimeSolv Mobile, you will always be able to capture time and expenses on the go to grow your bottom line.

Work while on the road with the TimeSolv Mobile App

Using an iPhone to access TimeSolv

TimeSolv Mobile Time and Expense Tracking Software Features

  • Timer – Use the timer to track time spent on a phone call or any other task.
  • With or without the internet – Enter time and expenses on your mobile phone with or without access to the internet.
  • Abbreviations – Use abbreviations to easily enter long descriptions without typing.  For example, just type “cc” for “Conference call with client regarding contract for”.
  • Dictate descriptions – For an even easier option to enter notes, use your phone’s built in voice-to-text feature and dictate descriptions.
  • Recent clients and matters – For convenience, only see clients and matters/projects where you had recently entered time or expense or expand the list to see all.


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