TimeSync Desktop App

TimeSync Desktop App

Offline time tracking software has never been simpler

In today’s world, business isn’t confined to the office. If you’re stuck using online invoicing software then you’re tethered to wifi. To stay on top, you need the flexibility to work anywhere and everywhere. But to stay sane, you also need to be able to easily log those hours and expenses. That’s where TimeSync comes in.

Our desktop app, available for windows or Mac users, makes it easy to track everything no matter where you are. Then, when you’ve got an internet connection, simply sync your logged hours and expenses to TimeSolv with a single click. It’s that easy.

Whether you’re a true road warrior or just enjoy catching up on a bit of work in those spare moments you find throughout your day, TimeSync gets it done. You can finally leave those nagging “I’d better remember how long I’m working on this” thoughts behind. It’s about time.

Work on the Go Care-Free with TimeSync’s Intuitive Interface


TimeSync’s Integrated Time and Expense Tracking Software Features

  • Worry Less — about your internet connection by simply syncing when it’s convenient
  • Leave Logging-In Behind — to save time on the go
  • Never Lose Hours — because of a poor connection or an automatic shut off
  • Keep Your Workspace Clean — with TimeSync’s minimal screen footprint
  • Start Clocking Hours — before you have time to enter the project, that can wait
  • Never Fear Forgetting — as you can always manually enter time at a later date
  • Stay Compatible — with LEDES billing (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) using UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System) for legal billing
  • Save Time — with searchable drop down menus of all previous matters and clients, meaning faster and more accurate time and expense tracking software
  • Write Worry-Free — with integrated spell-check


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