Franchise TimeSolv, the #1 time tracking and billing SaaS software proven for 20 years.

This is your golden opportunity to make more money than a McDonald’s restaurant. TimeSolv provides a turnkey solution with complete sales, support, and training requiring no technical knowledge.


TimeSolv is the #1 time tracking and billing software used by thousands of professionals in different industries including law, technology, engineering, health, marketing, design, and advertising.

Twenty years of hard work, innovation, and product evolution has made TimeSolv the industry leader.

TimeSolv is a proven, battle-tested formula. There won't be any hard work involved, no product management, no long sprints, no mess ups, nothing. We’ve taken care of the hard part for you already.

Exceptional return on investment

Investment English Other languages
One time franchise fee $20,000 $50,000
Minimum sales and support/yr $60,000 $60,000

Revenue English Other languages
Customers per month 5 10
Users per customer 5 5
Price per user $30 $30
Franchisee’s share $24 $24
Revenue from new customers per month $600 $1,200

Projected 5 Year Plan


5 Year English Language Plan


5 Year Other Language Plan


The Benefits

  • The #1 product in the industry
  • Complete product support
  • Risk-free investment
  • High expected returns within the first few month
  • Proven marketing secrets
  • Battle-tested sales formula
  • Exclusive territory rights
  • No product management
  • High brand value (Testimonials, case studies, recognition)

Supported Languages

  • English
  • Arabic
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

How do I acquire a TimeSolv franchise?

  • Complete our application form
  • If the application is approved, you will be contacted to schedule an initial screening meeting
  • After the screening process, you will sign an NDA with TimeSolv
  • Depending upon the need, one more meeting will be conducted with senior management
  • We will send you the franchise agreement.
  • At the signing of agreement, you will pay the franchise fee as per your payment schedule of the total franchise fee.
  • Start officially operating your TimeSolv franchise!

Application Form

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The hard work that goes into laying a strong foundation has already been done.

You'll get all the secrets of the business from marketing and branding to approved vendors along with the keys to your new work-empire.


You’re a few steps away from the finishing line without having to go through the hassle of launching a new product from scratch.

Start your business under the umbrella of a recognized big name.

This is like owning a goldmine.

What do our customers say?

“It does exactly what I need. I am a very small firm. Only two people in my office. I previously used Timeslips and then Chaos Legal. TimeSolv does the job exactly as needed. It has abbreviations (snippets) that are excellent”

Caleb Donner - Donner & Donner

"Timesolv User. The timekeeping function is great and helps me keep track of all my time. I like how easy it is to track my monthly billing.
- Susan Simos
“A huge time saver. Ease of use, clean interface, and amazing tech support; very responsive company. I love using TimeSolv.”
- Robert DiCarlo - Robert DiCarlo, Ph.D., PLLC
“The software is very easy to use and when you are new to the program they make sure you fully understand how it all works by providing online training. If you ever have a question on issue they are quick to respond with help and answers.”
- Mark Pollan - Pollan Railroad Consulting, LLC