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How the Data Migration Process Works

Moving to new software can be a stressful experience for any business. TimeSolv has over 20 years of experience in making sure the transition is smooth and will be there every step of the way helping firms through this process. See details below on how we migrate data for firms and the options available.

Migration Options

TimeSolv offers two types of migration:

1. Historical migration

This involves migrating the following types of data from Timeslips and Tabs3 systems:
  • Clients
  • Matters
  • Contacts
  • Time Entries
  • Expense Entries
  • Finalized Sent Invoices
  • Trust Payments

2. Snapshot

This is done via an import utility using Excel files from any software and is out of the box. We support three data types for snapshot conversions:
  • Clients
  • Matters
  • Contacts
  • Unbilled Time Entries
  • Unbilled Expense Entries
  • AR Accounts

Migration Process

The historical data process is as follows:

  1. We will review your Tabs3/Timeslips conversion application. We will document the findings in a questionnaire.
  2. We will help you review the data in the TimeSolv test environment. This will include a checklist after you schedule a call with your onboarding manager.
  3. If there are any issues noticed, we will try to resolve them until you decide to go live.
  4. If you are happy and satisfied with the data in the testing environment, you will send us a final data backup and within two business days you will be ready to go live.
  5. The onboarding manager will get access to your TimeSolv account that you have subscribed to so that they can move the data into that account. You will get an email to confirm your data has been migrated.
  6. Please schedule a call with your onboarding manager to configure the system according to your needs, e.g. setting up Timekeepers, basic firm-level settings, invoice templates etc.

The duration for historical data process includes three weeks between the first and second call with you onboarding manager, and two business days after the decision to go live.

Snapshot conversions process is as follows:

  1. The first call with your onboarding manager will be to understand your migration needs, such as the type of data you wish to import.
  2. With snapshots we go straight to live by skipping the testing environment as they involve a lot of configurations.


Out of the Box:

The above processes are out of the box, and are charged at a fixed price based on the number of Timekeepers.

  • Timeslips or Tabs3 Full or Snapshot Conversion – $350 for 1 user, $125 per additional user.
  • Snapshot for all other systems – $100 for 1 user, $50 per additional user.


If you need extra work, such as sorting through messy data and difficult data format, we will charge you $150 per hour. We will let you know how long we estimate the data clean-up will take, and after you have proofed the clean-up we will proceed further.


We charge $150 per hour for additional data migration that is not included in the out of the box migration process.

Types of Data

For historical data migration:

Client Client Name
Client ID
Client Status
Responsible Timekeeper
Active/Inactive Date
Matter Matter Name
Matter ID
Matter Status
Open Date/Close Date
Matter Responsible and Originating Timekeeper
Contact First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Address (Line 1,2,3)
Phone number
Fax Number
Time Entries Timekeeper Name
Billable Type
Expense Entries Timekeeper Name
Mark up
Billable Type
Invoices Complete Invoice
Payments Payment Date
Allocation details
Payment Reference Number
Available Balances
Trust Matter
Allocation details
Available Balances
Timekeepers First Name
Last Name
Email Address
LEDES Billing Information

For snapshot data migration:

Client Name
Invoice Name
Client ID
Next Matter ID
Currency for Invoice
Billing Increment
Override Billing Rate
Open Date
Inactive Date
Taxable Status
Apply Interest?
Annual Interest Rate
Grace Period
Payment Term Type
Payment Terms Description
Additional Email Addresses
Has Default Email?
Invoice Output Format
Portal Access?
Rate By
Global Rate
Client Category
Client Sub-category
Interest Type
From Address
Flexible Template
Default Name
Default Trust
Receive All Portal Invoice Payments in…
Time Tax Rate
Tax Override Time
Time Tax 2
Tax 2 Override Time
Expense Tax Rate
Tax Override Expense
Expense Tax 2 Rate
Tax 2 Override Expense
Override Invoice Narratives?
Cover Page Narrative
Invoice Narrative
Invoice Footer Text
Invoice Email Text
Statement Email Message
Paid Invoice Email Message
Payment Instructions
Matter Client Name
Matter Name
Matter ID
Responsible Timekeeper
Commission Percent
Originating Timekeeper
Originating Commission Percent
Rate By
Rate Code
Start Date
Estimated End Date
Inactive Date
Purchase Order Number
Task Code
Sub-Task Code
Expense Code Option
Time Approval Enabled?
Expense Approval Enabled?
Plan Task Required?
Plan Task Assignments Required?
Billing Arrangement
Matter Billing Event
Fixed Fee Amount
Budgeted Hours
Prevent Hours Exceeding Budget?
Budgeted Fees
Prevent Fees Exceeding Budget?
Budgeted Expense
Prevent Expenses Exceeding Budget?
Budgeted Invoice Amount
Prevent Invoice Over Budget?
Payment Terms
Payment Terms Text
Additional Email Addresses
Default Email
Report Output Format
Default Print
Default Automail
Default Portal?
Client Category
Client Sub-category
Opening Balance
Hold Billing
Billing Code
Has Interest Calc
Interest Rate
Interest Type
Grace Period
Interest Start Date
From Address
Flexible Template
Discount Percentage
Apply Discount?
Task Code
Override Invoice Narratives?
Cover Page Narrative
Invoice Narrative
Invoice Footer Text
Invoice Email Message
Statement Email Message
Paid Invoice Email Message
Payment Instructions
Contact Title
First Name
Last Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
State Abbreviation
Postal Code
Country Code
Client Name
Matter Name
Contact Type
Has Portal Access?
AR Client Name
Matte Name
The above lists are for out of the box conversions. Anything that is not inclusive of the above data is priced at a $150 per hour rate.

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