Although LEDES has been a common format for legal billing for nearly two decades, it is not uncommon to meet attorneys who have worked in law firms for years who have never heard of LEDES. Which is understandable and perhaps fine if those attorneys never touched the billing process outside of inputting their time. But for partners, administrators, and other lawyers looking to take charge of their practices’ billing practices, having a basic knowledge of LEDES is important, and what is even more important is having legal billing software that effortlessly incorporates the LEDES format.


A Brief History of LEDES

LEDES stands for Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard, which comes from the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard Oversight Committee, a non-profit organization formed in 1995 for the purpose of “creating and maintaining open standard formats for the electronic exchange of billing and other information between corporations and law firm.”

The non-profit committee sought to develop legal billing standards which would “meet the needs of corporations, law firms and legal industry software vendors” with the stated goals of having uniform (yet voluntary) standards designed to keep bills simple and unambiguous while preventing law firms from having to give information on bills that was beyond their reasonable capacity to provide. In pursuit of these goals, LEDES has created several different billing formats for law firms to use in billing customers, which are now widely accepted throughout the legal world both inside and outside of the United States.


Incorporating LEDES Through TimeSolv

When you use TimeSolv’s automated billing software application, you will automatically be able to generate invoices which incorporate the LEDES 1998B format. TimeSolv will ask you for certain information needed to fulfill the standard requirements for the LEDES format, including:

  • Tax ID
  • LEDES Timekeeper ID and LEDES Classification
  • Task and Activity Codes
  • Timekeeper Hourly Rate
  • Bill Delivery Method
  • Client LEDES ID (for clients with LEDES ID)
  • Delivery Email Address
  • Client Matter ID

The TimeSolv application will also guide you through all additional steps to make sure your invoices comply with the LEDES format, making your invoices compatible with billing requirements at major clients and comparable with those generated by large firms around the country.


Optimize Your Firm with TimeSolv

TimeSolv offers backend automated office solutions that brings big-firm innovation to all types of firms, no matter the size. We provide low-cost automated solutions to optimize your firm’s billing, collection, expense tracking, internal reporting, and project management efforts, and offer free training to ensure that you are maximizing all the features that TimeSolv has to offer. To start your free 30-day trial of TimeSolv today, click here.