Simple Time Tracking Software for Freelancers

TimeSolv combines the flexibility, reliability, and professionalism freelancers demand in their billing software.

Tracking hours effectively is an important part of any freelancer’s bottom line. Losing an hour here or an hour there adds up. That’s why TimeSolv makes it easy for you and your team to track and bill for your services.

If you have a client who demands to be informed about every detail, no problem. TimeSolv lets you send them detailed reports with just a few clicks. Have a client who just wants one comprehensive bill once the job is done? Our software ensures they’ll also get an easy-to-understand, detailed invoice when the project is finished.

Our customers agree, TimeSolv is one of the best billing software for freelancers on the market.

Easy Time Tracking with TimeSolv

Billing Software for Freelancers

What Can TimeSolv Do for Freelancers?

  • Increase transparency — clients can easily monitor time, expenses, milestones, and more
  • Work flexibly from anywhere — by tracking time offline using TimeSync, our desktop application
  • Brand invoices — using your own logo, helping to make your work look more professional
  • Show your appreciation — by easily applying discounts or comments to your invoices
  • Bill the way you want — TimeSolv’s flexible options include fixed fee and milestone-based billing
  • Avoid mistakes — with a customizable multi-step approval process for invoices
  • Gain perspective — with comprehensive daily, weekly, or monthly calendar views
  • Consolidate invoices — when you’re working on multiple projects for a single client


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