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TimeSolv brings everything from custom abbreviations to easy trust accounting right to you.

Our features are designed to integrate the work of your entire firm, from office managers and paralegals to senior partners. That’s why TimeSolv is law firm software, and not simply for individual attorneys or managers. Whether you’re tracking your time and billable hours, managing your employees, or using LEDES billing, TimeSolv makes it easy.

With 80% of our clients coming from law firms, TimeSolv understands lawyers’ needs and our software reflects that. You can expect responsive tools to make every aspect of running your firm simpler and more efficient.

You can even personalize your billing templates to ensure each client receives the right invoice every time. We also make it simple to view calendars for individual matters and perform conflicts checks.

Combine all of this with great customer service and you’ll quickly see why TimeSolv is a top choice for attorney billing software.

Legal Billing Software to Streamline the Way Your Law Firm Works

Trust accounting for legal billing

What Can TimeSolv Do for Lawyers?

  • Integrate electronic billing — ABA task codes, UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System), Chubbs LEDES 1998B, and Litigation Advisor formats available for your online legal billing
  • Work internationally — bill with all the standard electronic formats, including LEDES 1998 BI
  • Make trust accounting easy — set up multiple trust accounts, show balances on invoices and in your trust reports
  • Manage conflicts checks — by easily searching for related parties
  • Define hourly rates — with our six easy options
  • Easily bill fixed fees — through our easy-to-use billing software
  • Schedule recurring expenses — on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis
  • Gain and share insights — view 25+ easy-to-use reports in 10 formats, from PDF and Excel to Word and more
  • Enter time quickly — by using multiple free-form abbreviations in the same description
  • Create narratives — driven by a task selected while entering time
  • Get perspective — with our calendar views showing daily, weekly, and monthly total billable hours
  • Increase revenue — use the calendar views to ensure timekeepers are on track, discover a missed threshold of hours, and enforce time tracking policies


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