MAC Users

MAC Users

TimeSolv works seamlessly on Mac, allowing you to work the way you like.

Whether you’re a globe-trotting freelancer, a partner in a law firm, or a hard-working accountant, you need the best Mac-optimized time management and invoicing software you can get.

As a Mac user you’re used to easy syncing, clean and functional user interfaces, and great software which just works. Fortunately, TimeSolv brings you all that and more.

Designed from the ground-up as an all-in-one software solution for all of your invoicing, time tracking, and project management, TimeSolv has it all. It brings you, your clients, your manager, and whoever else you’re working with all together on one platform.

That means better communication and better work. That’s why TimeSolv makes for some of the best legal billing software for Mac.

Innovative Time and Billing Management for Mac

Time tracking and Invoicing Software for Mac


Invoice Software for Mac with QuickBooks Integration

TimeSolv’s QuickBooks Syncing is Mac compatible and provides bidirectional sync with QuickBooks Online, making it a great choice for Mac users. Whether you’re working online or offline, whether you’re a manager or a consultant, with TimeSolv you get great billing software for your Macintosh.

Everything you love about your Mac and all the best TimeSolv has to offer in one place. It’s a match made in heaven. But, what if, like many others, you use a combination of Windows and Apple operating systems?

Work Across Platforms, Devices, and Distance with TimeSync

TimeSync is our Mac-compatible desktop app for entering time and expenses with or without the Internet. Worry-free work shouldn’t have to wait for a good internet connection.

TimeSync is easy-to-use, with a one-click timer and built-in spellchecker. Time and expense entries can be synced with the main TimeSolv web application with one click. It’s the kind of seamless integration you deserve.


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