Legal Billing Software for PC Users

Legal Billing Software for PC Users

TimeSolv works seamlessly across PC and Android devices, letting you organize your billables wherever and whenever you like.

In our on-the-move, entrepreneurial society, where working from a single desk or even office is increasingly a thing of the past, it’s important for professionals to be able to have the most PC-optimized time management and invoicing software they can get.

Whether you’re a solo attorney or partner in a law firm, a hard-working accountant, a service firm, a freelance consultant or other professional, TimeSolv will simplify your time-tracking, billing and invoicing processes.  With automatic syncing across all of your PC and Android devices – including smartphones, tablets, and PCs – you can input and retrieve valuable information from anywhere at anytime.

Innovative Time and Billing Management for PC

No longer do you need to rely on a complex collection of disconnected software programs to achieve the smooth functioning of your business’ financials and internal bookkeeping. TimeSolv’s many features increase your firm’s productivity while cutting down on non-billable hours and expenses with great software that just works.

Designed from the ground-up as an all-in-one software solution for all of your invoicing, time tracking, internal reporting, and project management needs, TimeSolv has it all. It brings you, your clients, your manager, and whoever else you’re working with all together on one platform.

Invoice Software for PC With QuickBooks Integration

TimeSolv’s QuickBooks Syncing is PC compatible and provides bidirectional sync with QuickBooks Online, making it a great choice for PC users. Whether you’re working online or offline, TimeSolv provides you great billing and invoicing software for your PC.

Work Across Platforms, Devices, and Distance with TimeSync

Time-Sync is our PC-compatible desktop app for entering time and expenses with or without the internet.  Time-Sync is easy-to-use, with a one-click timer and built-in spellchecker. Time and expense entries can be synced with the main TimeSolv web application with one click.
TimeSolv is also compatible with all Mac products, meaning that, even if you primarily use a PC, but also use an iPhone or iPad, you can use TimeSolv to input and retrieve billing and financial information from wherever you are.


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