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As a PR professional, you may not believe in billable hours for invoicing your clients, but we’re sure you track time to determine the profitability of your projects. Tracking time accurately provides important insights to all PR professionals for budgeting and bidding on new fixed-fee projects.

If a project requires changes from a client, you can show them your expenses and tracked hours in a variety of easily digestible reports. Then, when everything is finished, you can send them a crystal clear invoice breaking down every aspect of the project.

That’s the kind of clarity and good communication which is at the heart of good PR.

Easy Invoice Management with TimeSolv

Billing Software for PR Firms

What Can TimeSolv Do for PR Firms?

  • Bill the way you want — with options to set fixed fees, bill by the hour, or create milestones
  • Easily calculate new bids — by basing your projections on detailed reports covering previous projects
  • Show your work — by creating clear and professional reports covering every aspect of a project
  • Gain perspective — with daily, weekly, and monthly views, showing everything from time spent to expenses accrued
  • Delegate with efficiency — by clearly dividing projects into tasks, assigning time and budget limits, and tracking progress
  • Work anywhere — with TimeSync’s offline time tracking capabilities
  • Send professional invoices — by customizing them and displaying your logo
  • Build loyalty — with easy-to-apply discounts for your top clients


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