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Cut through the freelancer clutter with simple time tracking software

Young man at home using a computer, freelance developer or designer working at home

If you are one of the growing legion of freelancers, you know that the “gig economy” appears to be here to stay. And while “freelancer” is no longer considered a euphemism for “unemployed” as more and more freelancers are earning more for themselves than they would in a salaried position, freelancers still face big obstacles.…

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How TimeSolv can work for your PR firm


In the high-stakes, 24/7 world of public relations, PR professionals are often working all kinds of unconventional hours from all locations – the office, home, airports, and even while commuting – and their primary structure for getting paid is through billable hours. Because PR firms are always on the go to meet their client’s needs,…

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Survey finds law firm tech spending on the rise

closeup of a survey questionnaire form and pencil

How much did your law firm invest in each attorney’s technology resources last year? If it’s less than $5,000, then your firm is spending less per attorney than 83% of other firms out there, according to a survey released last year by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA). On the other side of the spectrum,…

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The top 5 complaints about legal billing software

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Billing hours and expenses can easily turn into a hassle for attorneys, paralegals, and administrative workers alike, and this process is only made worse when the firm’s billing software in place creates problems, not solutions. Below are 5 of the most common complaints we hear about legal billing software, contrasted with what our customers are…

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Client pushback on bills: how did we get here?

past due bill

For law firm veterans, especially those primarily representing business clients, the current climate of clients pushing back on bills “just because they can” is not the way it’s always been. In decades past, absent glaring mistakes or fraudulent behavior, the typical process after a law firm did its work on behalf of a client was…

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Five steps to better legal time entries

Five Steps image

If you are an associate or even a junior partner in a law firm, often times one of the most visible markers of your contributions to the firm’s work is in your time entries. Of course, billing one’s time is perennially one of the least-loved aspects of a lawyer’s job, but letting that annoyance with…

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How Does Outsourced Legal Billing Work

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For solo attorneys and small law firms, the process of completing their legal billing of clients presents a conundrum. On the one hand, the legal billing process can take up valuable time for attorneys who are trying to attend to the billable tasks that meet their clients’ needs, but making sure bills are promptly and…

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New Year’s Resolutions for Solo Attorneys

Composite image of new years resolution list

Another year has passed, and 2017 is upon us. At this point, if you are a solo attorney you may be getting back into the routine of the work life after a nice holiday break, or still struggling to catch up with work from the end of 2016. Attorneys are not always known for championing…

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A Quick Primer on “Legal Billing Codes”

For attorneys new to the profession, or for those attorneys who have not updated their billing apparatus and/or format for some time, the concept of “legal billing codes” (also referred to as “task codes” or “activity codes”) may be a foreign one. It is something that you were probably never taught about in law school…

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More firms suing clients to collect legal fees

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

Here at TimeSolv, we have often noted the increasingly contentious relationships between attorneys and their clients when it comes to attorneys being able to quickly and comprehensively collect payment on the legal bills they issue to those clients. In recent decades, we have seen clients demand more in-depth and uniform legal bills, dispute more attorney…

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What can paralegals bill their time for?

What can paralegals bill their time for

One of the most common challenges that new attorneys face is knowing the answer to the question of “can I bill for this task?” Clearly, showing up in court, talking to your client about his or her legal issues, and drafting legal documents are all billable tasks, but what about making copies after the secretary…

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