You no longer have to wonder. The Timeslips Converter auto-migrates everything. And we mean EVERYTHING! Every time entry. Every invoice. Every client and matter. Our proven process allows a seamless transition.

Timeslips Converter Tool

Often the one thing stopping firms from moving away from legacy software such as Timeslips is the fear of losing data.
Fear no more. TimeSolv’s proven converter tool is a product that allows the auto-migration of all Timeslips historical data.
With a proven process, TimeSolv assures that you have a modern, accurate record of all your past billing and timekeeping data.


Customers Love Our Timeslips Conversion Process

"Migrating our 13 years of Timeslips data was one the major concerns of the partners. TimeSolv made it easy to convert because we developed a plan. So there was a process to the conversion that I felt was very efficient and was very thorough."

Kimberly Porter – Key Harrington Barnes

“The initial thought in migrating our data from Timeslips was that it was going to be really overwhelming but TimeSolv walked me through and made what was a difficult task very simple.”

Tammy Walls – Wagonheim Law


Your data will look exactly how you’d like it to ensure a smooth transition to TimeSolv.


Dozens and dozens of firms have converted their data from Timeslips with proven results.

Process Driven

Our process ensures you know exactly what’s happening every step of the way, putting your mind at ease.

Why Make The Move To Cloud?

Benefits of Moving to Web-Based Software

  • Access from any device, even when you’re offline
  • Connect easily to other systems you use to run your business
  • Leverage all the capabilities of cloud computing
  • Get unlimited FREE and Premium Support unlike Timeslips
  • Leverage split billing capabilities
  • All features are included within one price, no hidden fees
  • No need to upgrade – all future upgrades are absolutely free
  • Enjoy features like Online Invoicing, Tax Calculator, Online Payments, Fixed Fee Billing, Matter Budgeting and many more that Timelsips doesn’t offer
  • TimeSolv is highly rated by lawyers and is trusted by thousands of companies

Data Migration Process

We’ll be with you step-by-step through the whole conversion process


  • Discuss data extraction from your old system and conversion limitations
  • Identify cutover date from old system to TimeSolv
  • Anaylze data and communicate any issues that should be corrected in old system
  • Obtain the final data file from old system
  • Upload your data file into TimeSolv
  • We’ll spot check data for issues then review in unison to ensure accuracy
  • Training for your staff on how to use TimeSolv
  • Go live in TimeSolv and import any missing time/expense entries

See How TimeSolv Compares to Timeslips

Below are satisfaction ratings based on G2 Crowd’s independent verification of user reviews.

Never lose another minute of time

Never lose another minute of timeNever lose another minute of timeNever lose another minute of timeNever lose another minute of timeNever lose another minute of timeNever lose another minute of timeNever lose another minute of time

Bill faster, get paid faster

Every minute spent working on an invoice means one less minute of billable time. With Timesolv, not only will you get your bills out faster; with our flexible templates clients will never have to question an invoice again. Send bills anyway your client wants.


Secure and Highly Available

There’s a reason why we brag about our security. TimeSolv is hosted by a state-of-the-art data center provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).  We provide you with 99.99% uptime.

Project Management

TimeSolv ensures that each project is clearly broken down by tasks, helping you easily monitor progress from anywhere. Plus, you can compile easy-to-understand invoicing for your clients and keep within your budget by assigning limits to billed hours.

Exceptional Customer Service

TimeSolv is known for exceptional customer support and our customers love us for that. We NEVER charge you extra for any kind of support you need. We are available to help you via Live Chat, Phone, and Email.

Save 8 Hours A Month

Our customers report saving more than 8 hours a month on average after switching to TimeSolv from Timeslips. because of the superior time tracking and billing capabilities.

6-month Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with TimeSolv after 6 months as an active user, we’ll refund your money.
*Must have completed our Essentials Training with a TimeSolv Success Manager

Want to see TimeSolv in action?

We offer 30-day FREE TRIAL with no credit card requirement.
Try TimeSolv for full 30 days, risk-free. We will show you exactly
how the conversion process works. Don’t procrastinate, don’t delay!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility of losing my data in the conversion process?

That is NOT A POSSIBILITY! We have performed hundreds of Timelsips conversions without any data loss, EVER!

What is Timeslips conversion fee?

Timeslips conversion fee is $850. We charge $50 for each additional timekeeper.

Can you convert my Timeslips 9 version?

TimeSolv can convert Timeslips Version 9 or higher. We have converted older versions of Timeslips, but TimeSolv will need to evaluate and analyze the data before confirming a conversion.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

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