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TimeSolv Announces Breakthrough Process to Migrate Historical Data from Tabs3


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Eagan, MN April 28, 2020 – TimeSolv, a provider of web-based software for legal billing and timekeeping, announced today an innovative process to migrate all historical data from Tabs3 to TimeSolv.

“We have found over time that often the only barrier for law firms to move from server-based software to cloud solutions is the concern over loss of their historical data,” explained TimeSolv CEO Raza Hasan. “We’re proud to announce today another addition to the legacy software that we are capable of converting into TimeSolv.”

“When it comes to cost-effective legal billing software, firms are ready to make the jump because not only is the subscription incredibly affordable, but we have features that are unparalleled in the industry,” stated Hasan. “Offering a full conversion of all data is the icing on the cake.”

TimeSolv created an industry-leading data conversion process for Timeslips users three years ago and have successfully migrated hundreds of firms during that time. Since then, TimeSolv has seen a growing demand for full conversion options in other legacy software and that led to developing the Tabs3 conversion tool.

“Migration options are just incredibly important when considering a move to new legal billing software, and we want to be able to ensure the type of move that gives a firm peace of mind,” says Hasan. “Our track record of being web-based time and billing for over 20 years, combining with our conversion capabilities puts us in a really good market position.”

TimeSolv has already successfully migrated Tabs3 data for several law firms and expects demand to grow as many firms navigate how to best use their resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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