Previously, when moving invoices to ‘Sent’, by default the date was set as the date the invoice was drafted. TimeSolv realized how helpful it would be to have a prompt that asks the user if they would like to change the invoice date before the invoice is moved to ‘Sent’. We’re always on the lookout for new features that increase our users’ efficiency! This week’s Tip of the Week will show you how to go about this.

Under Invoice>Drafts screen, enable the checkbox next to the invoice(s) you want to change the date for. On the top right of the screen, a ‘Change Invoice Date’ button will now be activated.

When the user clicks on the ‘Change Invoice Date’ button, a pop-up will be prompted showing a date picker allowing the user to change the date.

Users should note, that changing the date does not mean that the system will then include any entries created between the draft invoice’s date and the current date. If you need an invoice to include those other time entries between the given dates, you should create a new invoice.

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