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5 Things Your Legal Firm MUST Be Able to Do Remotely

Written by Ron Reinart

3 min read


We say this all the time: legal firms are not static. They are comprised of a lot of moving parts and people who do much of their jobs outside the office. The office itself may be stationary, but the people aren’t – and thus your time-tracking and billing processes shouldn’t be either.

When attorneys and their staff are on the go, they need to be able to keep extremely accurate records of all time and expenses. Messy handwritten notes, lost paperwork, missing receipts – all these inaccuracies and lost records cost you money and also result in invoicing errors.

It’s not just a headache for your accounting department. These problems are dragging down your bottom line.

To ensure clean, accurate and efficient records, you and your teams need to be able to perform the following tasks easily and electronically, no matter where you are:

1) Track hours
Meeting with a client? Headed to the courthouse? Running errands? No matter what you do on the go, it should be tracked as it happens, not hours (or days) later. TimeSolv lets you enter time with just a few clicks/taps on virtually any device, from anywhere, even if you’re offline. So you don’t have to be at the office to enter that data. You can track your hours instantly, instead of jotting down notes or forgetting about that time completely.

2) Track expenses
You and your staff shouldn’t have to worry about saving all those crumpled receipts! To ensure accuracy, you need to be able to enter expenses electronically from anywhere – on a flight, in the car, at the office supply store, wherever your work takes you. With TimeSolv, you can track all expenses on the go and even sync it with Quickbooks, so that they don’t need to be re-entered later.

3) Create and send invoices
When you’re accurately tracking time, expenses and billable work on the go, there’s no reason you should have to return to the office to manage your invoicing. TimeSolv lets you do it from anywhere, on a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or other tablets. Invoices are fully customizable using flexible templates and can be downloaded in 10 different formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc. Features such as Tax calculations, LEDES billing, custom narratives – TimeSolv makes it all easy and automatic.

4) Manage projects
To maximize profitability, firms must strive to be nimble. That means being able to manage projects, budgets, tasks, teams, time allotments and more while you’re on the go, in a meeting room, at a conference, at a remote office or anywhere in the world. TimeSolv lets you do all that and enables you to easily monitor progress while keeping everything in-sync with your billing and invoicing.

5) Generate reports
Merely entering time and expenses isn’t enough. You need to be able to access all that data, in clear, easy-to-understand reports, whenever you need it. TimeSolv gives you instant, remote access to more than 27 different reports for law firms, covering billable hours, accounts receivable, expenses, performance, revenue by timekeeper, and much more.

If your current legal billing and time-tracking solution is only accessible from the office, then chances are it’s hurting your bottom line. Try TimeSolv free for 30 days and discover how easy it is to streamline these processes and access everything on the go.

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