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For two decades we’ve provided the best web-based billing solution for attorneys and other professionals.

Ranked the #1 legal billing software for usability.

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TimeSolv is a leader in Legal Billing on G2
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TimeSolv Has Solutions
For Your Legal Practice Challenges

Do these roadblocks to firm success sound familiar?

Clients Don't Pay Invoices

Collect and store payment information upfront and run payments in batch on YOUR timeline

Tracking time takes too long

With multiple ways to track time, on and offline, your pain is over

Difficulty customizing invoices

Flexible billing templates allow you to show what you want, how you want

Creating budgets is a struggle

Create phases and tasks for your matters and let the budgeting begin!

Staff should easily see daily tasks

We agree! See daily to-do lists and know exactly what you’re accomplishing today

Firm performance is hard to see

Peel back the darkness with our reporting and quickly see all your key metrics

Track Time and Expenses While on the Go

Time and expense entries made easy with the TimeSolv mobile app. Create entries even when your device is offline. Upload expense receipts, right from your phone.

Data Security

All your data secured in the cloud and backed up every 10 minutes to 2 different locations.

With 20 years in the business, we’ve earned the trust of thousands who use our product. The security and reliability of our clients’ data is our top priority. Highly encrypted 256-bit SSL is used for data transmission between your browser and our data center.

Convert Your Existing Data

Easily migrate your current & historic data to TimeSolv. We do all the work.

For Firms of All Sizes

Easy enough for solo practitioners. Robust enough for large firms.

I’m A Solo Firm

Nobody went to law school because they love tracking time. You want to practice law, we want to make that easier for you…

I’m a partner at my firm

As a partner at your firm, you have the important task of helping create the right infrastructure to ensure success…

I do all the billing

Invoicing done your way. Billing managers love TimeSolv because it allows them to easily create, edit and send invoices…
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Synchronize Easily

Automatically integrates with all your software.

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Since 1999 TimeSolv has been committed to providing the best web-based time and billing solutions for lawyers and other professionals.

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