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Statement of Intent

This statement outlines our philosophy and the core principles that govern our relationships with our customers.

  1. Our revenues are derived almost entirely from customer subscriptions to our service, with the small balance coming from banner advertising on our site. We do not supplement our revenues by selling data about you, our customers, or your clients and customers.
  2. Although we will access information about you and your firm for billing, marketing and analysis purposes, we will never access your time and billing data, project data, or any other data concerning your clients and customers. Client confidentiality is guaranteed.
  3. Your time and billing data, project data and all other information about your customers is your property. We will never “hold your data hostage” over an unpaid account or for any other reason. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that we are forced to terminate your service we will allow you access to all of your data and provide you with methods to download your data so you can take possession of it. Your data is always yours and we hold this principle sacrosanct.
  4. To preserve your client confidentiality and your privacy, our software is engineered for maximum security at the lowest programming level. Access to your data is only available via approved software “certificates.” Furthermore, nobody in our company can ever obtain your password.
  5. Direct access to computers containing customer data is only possible from TimeSolv Corporation’s network and is restricted to a handful of trusted employees. Access by those employees is only possible when they are in possession of a “key,” which can be revoked at any time. All TimeSolv Corporation employees have signed confidentiality agreements and have been instructed in the paramount importance of protecting customer data. Breach of these rules is grounds for immediate termination from TimeSolv Corporation.
  6. We employ 128-bit SSL encryption to secure the transmission of data between your browser and our secure data center. In the extremely unlikely event that anyone would attempt to intercept your data, they would be confronted with only a stream of unintelligible data.
  7. Our computers containing the software application and your data are housed in secure, world-class professionally run facilities. These facilities employ measures to protect your data that include SAS 70 audit compliance, intruder detection, biometric access, redundant power and air-conditioning (with diesel backup generators), multiple Internet Service Providers, locked computer cages, and secure daily data backups with offsite storage. Your data is likely to be safer with us than in your own office.

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