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TimeSolv Legal Software: Data Conversions vs. Document Management vs. Project Management

Written by Erika Winston

5 min read

TimeSolv legal billing software offers law firms a variety of features to assist with important time tracking and invoicing tasks, but the platform also includes numerous tools for handling the general duties of managing a legal practice. From document management to data conversion, TimeSolv helps lawyers stay organized and up to date on the latest practice management technologies.

This post will explore a few of these offerings and the benefits they provide to legal professionals. Keep reading to learn how TimeSolv assists law firms with document conversion, project management, and document management capabilities.


Converting Ineffective Legal Billing Systems to TimeSolv

Far too many law firms struggle with the limitations, costs, and inefficiencies of ineffective legal billing software. Many legacy billing systems lack the innovative features that attorneys need to provide legal services in today’s environment.

Unfortunately, many lawyers hesitate to upgrade their invoicing systems because they fear a difficult and cumbersome conversion process. They assume that converting from one software to another will be too costly, too time-consuming, and potentially harmful to their valuable data.

TimeSolv has created a system that streamlines the conversion process into a quick and easy procedure for law firms. With easy-to-follow directions from the TimeSolv conversion team, attorneys don’t have to guess or worry their way through the process.

After taking a thorough look at a firm’s needs, TimeSolv specialists plan each phase of conversion and implementation. Law firm leaders simply follow the provided directions with confidence that their most sensitive data is being protected with the highest levels of security.

During the conversion process, TimeSolv handles such tasks as:

  • Data extraction from the old invoicing system
  • Identification of any conversion limitations
  • Identifying the best conversion date
  • Securing the final data file from the old system
  • Uploading the data file into TimeSolv
  • Accuracy reviews
  • Identifying any issues and making immediate corrections

Once the conversion process is complete, TimeSolv helps law firm staff members get on board with extensive training and customer service. With an unmatched level of commitment to its users, TimeSolv works to ensure that firm staff is ready to utilize the software when it goes live.

In addition to the training included with the conversion process, TimeSolv also maintains a comprehensive knowledge base on its website that includes free instructional articles and videos. Additional help is available by telephone or virtual training sessions between staff members and knowledgeable TimeSolv professionals.


TimeSolv’s Document Management Capabilities

While digital documentation has been spreading throughout the legal industry for years, its importance has been magnified by the unique realities of COVID-19. Social distancing made digital document capabilities a necessity. Courts nationwide began accepting digital documents for e-filing purposes, influencing the widespread use of digital documents across a variety of practice areas.

Digital documentation allows law firms to electronically store, share, and review a variety of documents. Cloud storage has given law firms the ability to store documents electronically for efficient organization, security, and sharing, so attorneys can securely store digital documents while providing credentialed individuals the ability to remotely access them as needed.

TimeSolv legal billing software includes a document management feature for law firms to safely stores documents in a virtual environment. Attorneys can stay organized with tags and folders, as well as project attachments.

The document management feature also includes:

  • A matter/project directory that allows documents to be saved at the matter or project level
  • Document automation to create custom documents from client and matter information
  • Unlimited hierarchy to create as many folders and subfolders as necessary for each matter or project
  • Quick View capabilities to easily view files before downloading them

With convenient document descriptions, firm members can add explanations to help other firm members quickly identify relevant files without downloading them. Members can also create and store multiple versions of documents along with descriptions of the changes made.


The Benefits of TimeSolv’s Project Management Feature

Many lawyers have yet to recognize the value of project management software, but those that do know that Legal Project Management (LPM) can increase efficiency for complex legal matters requiring multiple tasks. It allows law firms to offer clients the convenience of fixed fee services while also promoting matter profitability.

TimeSolv’s LPM features accomplish this goal in a variety of ways. For example, administrators can see work completed on projects in real-time, instead of waiting until the matter’s completion. With this tool, firm leaders can:

  • Proactively calculate matter profitability
  • Identify aspects of the project that can undermine profit
  • Make proactive changes before the tracked time exceeds the allotted budget.

TimeSolv’s numerous LPM tools also help lawyers effectively plan future projects. With detailed information about past projects, attorneys gain insight into the best methods for increasing the profitability of similar matters in the future. They can also leverage the knowledge gained by repeating the same plan with greater efficiency.

LPM is a valuable tool for firms that utilize flat fee billing. With LPM, attorneys can take a matter and break it down into smaller individual tasks. This provides a more comprehensive view of the work ahead to best determine an appropriate flat fee amount.

These offerings promote successful attorney-client relationships. Clients do not want to be hit with unexpected costs at the back end of a service. LPM helps firms complete delivery on time and within the established budget.

When used correctly, the features of LPM can lead to increased revenues for the firm. To truly gain the most value from an LPM system, law firms need technology that meets their project management and billing goals.


TimeSolv Offers the Management Features Law Firms Need

TimeSolv legal billing software helps lawyers stay organized and up to date on the latest practice management technologies. With features such as streamlined data conversions, organized document management, and legal project management tools, TimeSolv provides law firms with the support they need to provide quality legal services in today’s environment.

To help law firms explore all of its benefits, TimeSolv offers a free 30-day trial offer. Click here to get started and learn more.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, Personal Touch Edits, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications. 

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