Leading Apps for Family Law Firms

Written by Erika Winston

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The busy nature of a family law firm necessitates tools and resources that promote convenience and time savings. There are numerous apps on the market that can be of assistance in a variety of ways. This post will explore seven leading apps that family law firms can use to streamline their processes for greater time savings and efficiency.  


E-Calendars – Google Calendar & Outlook

One of the primary responsibilities of your family law firm is ensuring that deadlines are met, and scheduled appearances occur. As such, calendaring will always be an essential part of providing high-quality service, and by extension, incurring revenue. The advantage of e-calendar applications is the convenience of sharing meeting details, setting reminders, and easily rescheduling as necessary from anywhere and any device.   

Some of the most popular e-calendars include Google Calendar and Outlook 365 Calendar which are both compatible with most electronic devices and operating systems. For an additional bonus, these e-calendaring applications may also be synced with your family practice management software.  


Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling

As a customized spinoff from regular appointment scheduling, this online solution allows your clients to book and reschedule their appointments in real-time from a provided calendar that displays and updates your availability. This can significantly reduce the time and stress that can arise from trying to schedule an appointment according to both parties’ availability.  

Acuity scheduling not only offers a convenient option for your clients to select times that accommodate them but also the added flexibility of canceling and rescheduling as well. In this way, Acuity enables you to better manage and track your time. This software solution is especially helpful for family lawyers whose clients are in the middle of very trying circumstances. They may need to schedule or change appointments often as incidents pop up unexpectedly within the family.  



During the pandemic, Zoom became a go-to option for video conferencing applications. For your family law firm, the app offers the convenience of meeting with clients from basically anywhere, which offers incredible flexibility. Zoom can also be integrated with your practice management system for a smooth scheduling process with built-in security and privacy features. To gain access to the full extent and useful features of Zoom, you’d have to create a paid account for your law firm.  


Cloud-based storage applications – DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive

Cloud-based storage applications allow you to access firm files and records remotely. Nonsecure portable storage devices become a thing of the past when all you need is a Wi-Fi connection. Instead of having to move around with endless paperwork and files, you can easily store them in the cloud and access them via various mobile devices for instant and secure sharing with firm members, opposing counsel, or firm clients.  

With cloud-based storage applications, family lawyers can maintain a paperless office environment that is welcoming for both staff and clients. This can result in less costly client communication, efficient time management, and stronger data security and confidentiality.   

Top applications for cloud-based storage are Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive for PC users. Many practice management systems offer syncing capabilities with one or more of these apps for even greater family law practice efficiency.  



This leading application in electronic signature provides your firm and its clients with a safe and convenient signing process. With DocuSign, your client doesn’t have to be physically present to sign documents, instead, they can provide their equally legal and admissible electronic signature from any electronic device. Once signed, it secures the document and further authenticates it for court admissibility 

Better yet, when documents are sent to clients via DocuSign, there’s no need for them to install a specific application to access and sign because it is cloud-based. All documents are securely stored within the domain from which you send them out to be signed. You are provided updates when documents are viewed and signed, amongst other statuses.  

In case you were wondering, DocuSign can also be integrated with many practice management software platforms to allow for the further convenience of having all your legal documentation in one secure digital space.  



This online financial solution caters to your clients facing divorce proceedings by providing guidance through one of the most tedious parts of any marriage dissolution, the splitting of assets. This estate inventory management software is one financial solution that adds incredible value to asset distribution.  

FairSplit allows your clients to efficiently plan and manage the splitting of assets and other financial obligations through an online platform, including obligations related to spousal support entitlements, child support expenses, and real estate. Once the account is established, each asset’s value is reviewed with online reporting features, making it easier for attorneys to review and evaluate appropriate allocation between parties.  



This online co-parenting tool offers an extremely useful tool for your clients going through custody battles. Coparently seeks to alleviate the conflict between separated and divorced parents through the management of their overwhelming child custody schedules. This online co-parenting solution benefits your clients in several ways. It allows them to manage their child custody and visitation calendars. It also promotes clear communication that is specific and child-focused, while logging and tracking shared expenses. The tool also includes a shared accessible directory with all key contacts related to the children.  



The TimeSolv mobile application gives family law firm attorneys the flexibility of tracking time quickly and accurately, even when working away from the physical office. With a built-in timer that can be easily stopped and started, timekeepers have a tool that works from virtually anywhere in the world, even when no internet connection is available. The TimeSolv mobile app means that your firm never has to miss out on billable time or expenses again.  

With these useful apps, busy family law firms can effectively use technology to manage administrative tasks while providing clients with high-quality legal services. To learn more about the TimeSolv app, along with all of TimeSolv’s legal billing features, click this link for a free, no-obligation offer.  

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