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Legal billing software for solo practitioners

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

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Starting a solo practice can be considered a lonely, daunting and expensive task. One of the foremost important things to remember is logging billable time immediately; the longer you wait, the more likely it is inaccuracies take place.

The most efficient way to keep a tab on your hours is to use a time tracking app that can be used across a range of devices, and offers you offline access for those frustrating times you cannot get online. Manually totalling up your billing hours is a time waste, and will just result in you creating non-billable working hours for yourself when you are already burdened with the excessive and frustrating workload associated with being a solo practitioner. In fact, being a solo practitioner, you should understand the money value of your precious time more than others in the industry, and strive to work towards spending maximum time on billable hours. Whether you are a solo attorney or a large law firm, there is an appropriate legal billing software out there for you.

It’s not just manual time entries that take up non-billable hours, sending out bills is just another chore for you. This is where legal billing software is this solution to reducing your non-billable hours, freeing your time to work on the productive and money making tasks. Comprehensive legal billing software will even allow you to record and process your transactions. Here at TimeSolv, we can help you find the best and most affordable billing software suitable for solo practitioners.


Money well spent

Do not make the mistake of seeing yourself as a lawyer on such a budget that you are unwilling to spend on software that will increase your productivity, efficiency, and profitability; if you are spending $35 a month, it is money saved on the non-billable process of manually calculating billing hours each month. Getting paid can be a difficult and frustrating task especially for solos. When you have worked hard on tasks you deserve to get paid for your time and effort. And when you realize your time is your money, every tool that will save you billable time is considered a worthwhile investment into your business.

If you consider aiming for a simple clock start and stop app for time tracking, you may well regret it when you suddenly need to complete a task for a client that your free app isn’t cut out to do. Using a flexible billing program is ideal for solo practitioners, as legal billing software such as TimeSolv is expertly designed with the best and most advanced tools to help you increase in success and profitability.


Profitable features with TimeSolv

  • Cloud-based data storage to store and organize an unlimited number of clients and matters, saving you from potentially losing everything in the event of a natural disaster
  • Enter in time and expense entries across a range of devices whether online or offline
  • Set up multiple rates for yourself
  • Enter in carefully considered descriptions for billable time to show the benefits of work performed towards completion of tasks
  • Send out invoices regularly in a timely fashion and with flexible client adapted billing templates
  • Receive payments in multiple ways so your clients have the appropriate options they need, making it more likely for you to get paid on time
  • Unlimited document storage, saving you real file storage space in our office
  • Integrations with QuickBooks, LawPay, Dropbox, AccountEdge, NetDocuments
  • Comprehensive project planning features including tasks to-do lists and milestones
  • Client portal system for easy communication on the progress of matters and to receive payments through
  • Performance reports for strategically analyzing success route
  • Secure data encryption

TimeSolv is an affordable, all-inclusive, and comprehensive legal billing software. To take advantage of TimeSolv’s numerous features, pushing your solo practice towards success and greater profits, click here to learn more and sign up for a free 90-day trial.

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