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Most cost-effective and functional timekeeping app for lawyers

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

3 min read

When trying to determine the best timekeeping app for your particular type of law practice, you need to look at the effectiveness and functionality of each software solution before coming to your final decision. You need to ask yourself what specific tools and features your business needs to thrive through the software’s functionality, and which of these matches your budget.

TimeSolv is a cloud-based legal time tracking and billing solution to help manage daily business operations.  We offer integrations with QuickBooks and LawPay, allowing you to manage your accounts and payments with the greatest of ease. A comprehensive and robust reporting feature is also available to keep track of all billable hours and employee activity over the weeks or months. Project management features come with billing functionality, allowing users to manage, track, bill, and receive from within a single app. TimeSolv also offers document management tools to allow users to store and organize data, with the added benefit of document automation to help further save you time. If you prefer to store documents on other apps such as Dropbox or NetDocuments, we integrate with both.

Users can access TimeSolv remotely from anywhere in the world. We offer offline desktop and mobile app access for time tracking features. What’s more is that all these services and more are offered for an incredibly reasonable monthly subscription which includes one of the best support staff available via phone, email, and online chat whenever you need assistance.



When it comes to selecting the most suitable timekeeping app, typically users are concerned about its cost. TimeSolv understands that you want to get the best value out of your money. Not only do we offer you a free 30-day trial so you can get comfortable and confident before you pay, we also offer a reasonable subscription price for an incredibly comprehensive and easy to use cloud-based time and expense billing software. See here to calculate the total cost according to your firm size. Our pricing is based on how many timekeepers your firm has; the more timekeepers, the less you have to pay per-timekeeper.

When understanding the costs of your TimeSolv subscription, note that these low costs include on one training and support related services, free upgrades, unlimited clients and matters, unlimited document storage, and much more. These features are critically inclusive for an all-comprehensive time tracking and billing solution for your individual business needs. You not only get an affordable price for this service, TimeSolv also works diligently in helping you serve your customers to help you increase billable time and to get paid faster.



TimeSolv offers the best web-based time tracking, billing and project management solution because we understand time is money. We like to help our users stay on budget, realize time with a great time tracking tool, improve cash flow with quick billing techniques, reduce billing disputes through approval systems, enable quick payments through LawPay integration, and use our robust reporting feature to show you the pulse of your business.

Tracking time on a cloud-based software, which in turn helps your translate that time onto your bills, has to be a powerful tool for streamlining your practice’s workflow, and is key for profitability when done in a timely and professional manner. TimeSolv allows you to keep track of all your time and expenses and ensures to help increase revenues through other essential features in the app. These features include project management, budgeting, reporting, and much more.

TimeSolv is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Users can conveniently access both online and offline through the web, desktop, and mobile app, which makes it convenient to use any time, anywhere. You can relax easy knowing TimeSolv will provide you with the best online solution using the latest technology to get the best out of the monitoring of your time and expenses.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for a 30-day no obligation free trial and reap the benefits from all the ways TimeSolv can help your business flourish.


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