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Tip of the Week | 2 min read

Tip of the Week: How to Set up AutoMail

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

2 min read

Communication with clients is key to maintaining healthy relationships, and our AutoMail feature is just the thing to ensure consistency and efficiency when it comes to sending your bills out. Today’s Tip of the Week takes a looks at a feature that you probably skip over each time you’re on the draft invoices screen. Our AutoMail option is something more firms perhaps should consider.

The lesser-known way to send invoices in TimeSolv is for us to do it for you. What does that mean? Well, with the AutoMail feature, we employ a third-party service that does the folding, inserting, stamping, and mailing at $1.49 per invoice. We’ll mail up to five pages for you, saving you the time and effort. You may find that it’s more cost-effective to use our AutoMail service than one of your attorneys or paralegals spending their valuable time with mindless and non-billable work like this.

This AutoMaill feature is often overlooked, yet it’s staring at you each time you’re drafting and sending out invoices. You could say it’s hidden in plain sight. This is definitely a feature many firms who still mail their invoices will want to take advantage of.

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