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Tip of the Week: Setting Global Rates

Written by Scott Clasen

1 min read

Setting the rates for individual timekeepers and for different clients and matters is one just one of those administrative things that have to be done. But with TmeSolv’s global rates setting, that process can be a little easier.

Let’s say you always give a 15% discount to first time clients. Or you’ve established a custom rate for one particular client. Or your rate structure is different depending on the type of matter involved. The rates for all these scenarios can be established just once with our global rates.

To set global rates that can be applied to any client or matter, first go to Settings under the Time tab. From there, click on the Global Rates tab.


Click on the New Global Rate link in the right corner, then create the name and description of the rate. Once you’ve done that, click on Edit Rates and you’ll see a list of all your timekeepers and their default rate. Just enter the rates you want and you’re done!


Now, you can apply that global rate to any client or any matter you wish, saving you time in the process.

TimeSolv has lots of little tricks to help shave seconds and minutes from your billing and timekeeping, making you and your firm more productive.

Want some help setting up your global rates? Schedule free 30-minutes support session with our legal billing experts. Make sure you’re getting the most out of TimeSolv!


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