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Why Customized Email Messages are Important When Sending Invoices

Written by Erika Winston

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Invoicing is the vehicle through which law firms request payment. Yet, just by adding an accompanying email, law firms can turn simple invoices into multifaceted tools for increased client engagement and greater profitability.

Many lawyers miss out on the value of sending an invoice email, instead opting for general default language with no personalization or detail. But customized email messages can strengthen client relationships and promote faster payments. Keep reading to find out how.


Improved Client Relationships

Adding a personalized email to your client invoices can help improve client relationships with your law firm in the following ways:

  • Clearly Communicate the Value Provided – It’s a mistake to assume that clients understand the skill and expertise that goes into completing matter tasks. While they know that legal services were provided, they may not truly understand their value. An invoice email can be extremely useful in this regard. It serves as supplemental information that compliments the data included on the bill. When provided with these extra details, clients better recognize the quality of services they have received which makes them more likely to pay their invoices on time and in full. It also helps to establish a level of trust that turns into repeat business and valuable referrals.
  • A simple thank you – The invoice email provides an excellent opportunity for showing your appreciation to clients. A simple thank you for choosing your law offices, particularly at the end of a matter, is something that many law firms forget to do. It may seem small, but this simple showing of gratitude can carry a lot of weight with a client. When you take these steps to go above and beyond your clients’ expectations, your invoice email becomes an effective branding tool.
  • Feedback – Your invoice email can also be used to evaluate client satisfaction. By including a sentence or two that invites clients to contact the law office with questions or concerns, you can open up the lines of communication. These exchanges can provide valuable insight into the level of service being provided. They also give you an opportunity to address small concerns before they become big problems. You may even want to include a client survey with your invoice emails to gain a more complete outlook of your client services.


Using TimeSolv to Leverage the Invoice Email

TimeSolv helps law firms personalize invoice emails with multiple opportunities for customization. The software automatically provides a default message for these emails, but it also provides you with numerous opportunities to personalize your messages for greater client engagement.

You can choose to create your own general message to be sent out with all invoices, or you can choose to customize at the matter and client level. It is there that you can create the most customized messages, including individual details about the progress of the case.

TimeSolv gives you one final opportunity for personalization. When viewing the email draft, if you are not happy with the message, you can override it at the matter, client, or default level. For specific instructions and images on how to create customized invoice emails in TimeSolv, click this website link.


6 Instances for Personalized Emails

  1. Securing a positive result. When things go well, let your client know. Maybe you were able to negotiate a positive settlement or you successfully argued a motion in their favor. Communicate these wins to the client. It lets them know that effort is being made on their case and gives them a reason to celebrate a little.
  2. Negative outcomes. Just as you share the good, a personalized email can be used to share the bad. If you lost motion or recently learned of a weakness in the case, include it in the invoice email.
  3. Expense or time write-offs. For various reasons, law firms sometimes cover the costs of client expenses or even time spent on a matter. When that occurs, inform the client. It gives the client a greater description of the invoice, while also letting the client know what is being done on their behalf which helps to build trust.
  4. Overdue Invoice reminders. For clients with overdue billing statements, the invoice email offers an opportunity for a quick and friendly reminder. A firm, but polite note may be all that’s needed to secure payment.
  5. Requesting a referral. The invoice email is a great place to ask for a referral, especially if you have obtained a good outcome in the case. You can simply include a sentence that says “All referrals appreciated” or “Do you have any friends or family members with legal needs?“
  6. Calendar Reminders. Invoice emails can be used to remind clients about upcoming deadlines, appearances, or documents that they need to provide to your firm.


Simple Automations for Efficient Invoicing

Efficient invoicing is easily accomplished with TimeSolv’s many automation features. Invoice templates simplify the process of creating bills, while bonuses such as LEDES billing capabilities, automated tax calculations, and easily applied discounts promote efficiency and accuracy.

With the automated TimeSync desktop software, you can rest assured that all tracked time will be included when creating invoices. Even if a timekeeper is without internet service, they can track their time in the convenient app, and it will be automatically synced to the desktop system once Wi-Fi becomes available.

The TimeSync system also helps automate the expense tracking process by automatically syncing expenses entered into the app with the desktop, even if no internet connection is immediately available.


TimeSolv Helps you Customize Invoice Emails

Your firms invoicing can serve numerous purposes when accompanied by a detailed email. It can provide clients with informative updates, strengthen the client relationship, get payments faster, and serve as a marketing tool for future business. To try out TimeSolv’s customization features first hand, take advantage of the free 30-day trial located at this website link.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, Personal Touch Edits, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications. 

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