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Working Remotely: Tips for Effectively Working from Home in 2021 

Written by Erika Winston

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 It’s a new year. It’s time for new possibilities, new goals, and new opportunities. But in the midst of a pandemic, some things will remain the same, including the number of legal professionals working from home. It can be extremely challenging to be productive when the kitchen and couch are only a few feet away, so this post will provide some tips and strategies for effectively working from home in 2021.  


Tip #1 Establish Your Workspace

To be productive and organized while working from home, it’s important to have an established workspace. Not only will this space provide you with a designated area for storing your work-related documents and supplies, but it will also provide you with a mental cue that it is time to switch from relaxation mode to work mode. Here are some things to consider when creating a workspace within your home:  

  • Pick your spot. If you already have a designated home office, this may be a simple task. Yet, in the COVID-19 age of homeschooling, you may find yourself sharing that space with a second-grader. If space is a challenge, consider creating one on your dining room table, or even setting up a desk in the corner of your bedroom. Think about where you can work with the least amount of interruption. It’s hard to be productive and focus on work when you are constantly distracted.  
  • Lighting is important. You need to have lighting that allows you to complete the tasks at hand. For example, natural lighting is extremely useful for those video conference calls. It also helps you remain attentive throughout the day. A good desk lamp will help illuminate those client files and documents you need to review, while appropriate overhead lighting proves invaluable for those days when the sun turns down before work turns down.  
  • Keep it clean. A cluttered space easily leads to a cluttered mind. Systemize your files and office supplies in a convenient manner according to your daily needs. Use a filing system, a desk calendar, and appropriate tech tools to keep you organized and ahead of the game.  


Tip #2 Create a Schedule

Work can easily consume your personal life, especially when it’s done from home. That’s why it is extremely important to establish a healthy balance between the two. Set a schedule for yourself just as if you were leaving the house for work in the morning and returning in the evening. It will help you organize your workload and manage your time.  

  • Don’t make the mistake of giving up your morning routine. Do all the things you would normally do like brushing your teeth, getting dressed, and eating breakfast. All of these things signal to your mind and body that it’s time to work. When you start the day with a plan, your road to success gets a lot clearer. 
  • Take breaks throughout the day. Take the time to eat lunch or get outside for a walk. It can also be useful to spend some break time catching up with coworkers. Feelings of isolation are common when working from home. Interacting with colleagues can combat these feelings.  
  • Establish boundaries for yourself and family members. Make it clear to everyone what you need when working, and don’t let yourself or them cross those boundaries. Constant interruptions can lead to poor productivity. It’s also important to establish a time that you will stop working each day and try to stick with that as closely as possible. Work can easily pour over into your personal time when it is from the comfort of your own home. Do not let that happen. Allow yourself to clock out and enjoy your personal life.   


Tip #3 Utilize Technology

Even under normal circumstances, a successful law firm requires the use of effective technology. This is even more applicable when firm members are working remotely. To set yourself up for success in working from home, ensure your access to the legal technology you need to complete daily tasks.  

  • Practice management software allows a variety of tasks to be performed from outside the officeThese systems streamline procedures and processes so they can be handled consistently and efficiently. They also help with the organization of individual case matters, from form filling to calendaring.  
  • Legal billing software can be extremely challenging when firm members are working in different locations, but you want to be sure that you are accurately tracking your billable time. Likewise, if you are someone who handles client invoices, you want to ensure that the bills you create and send are accurate and timely. The right legal billing software offers the tools you need to effectively manage every step of the billing process – from time tracking to collecting payments.   
  • File sharing is a very important tool for any firm, especially when staff is working from home. It provides a centralized database where all credentialed employees can access and share information as needed. Security is always extremely important when utilizing these tools, but this is particularly true when working from home where the risk of a confidentiality breach may be increased. Firms should consider encryption options, permission settings, and offered security measures when choosing a file-sharing option. 

TimeSolv legal billing software offers law firm members the technology they need to remotely handle various aspects of practice management, including time tracking, invoicing, and file management.  


Plan for a Successful Work-from-Home Experience

As working from home continues into the new year, there are steps you can take to set yourself up for success and productivity.  Most importantly, establish your space, set boundaries, and implement the legal technology you need to hit the ground running in 2021. To learn more about how TimeSolv can help you work from home efficiently and productively, click this website link for a free trial.   

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