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New improvements to TimeSolv Part 2

Written by Ron Reinart

2 min read

New improvements to TimeSolv to help you perform your work more efficiently.

Client Portal Improvements

1 – Work in Progress and Trust Balances in Client Portal

Now the Client Portal provides an option to display work in progress (WIP) amounts for time and expenses to provide your client a better understanding of what is yet to be billed.  In addition, you can display a client’s trust balance to provide up to date information of the client’s account.

2 – Retainer invoices can be paid through the Client Portal

Retainer invoices now include a link to pay online through the Client Portal when emailed to clients.  Clients can replenish their retainer accounts the same way they can pay invoices through the Client Portal.

Quickly Know How Much Client Owes

Within each Matter, the Invoices tab displays the balance for the Matter to know how much client owes for billed and unbilled time and expenses.  New information includes the total amount billed, WIP, available trust balances and payments, and the total balance due for the Matter.

Fixed Fee Invoices

1 – Add Time to Flat Fee Invoices

In many cases flat fee invoices are generated before work has been completed. Now you have the option to add time and expenses even to finalized fixed fee invoice. Addition of time and expenses to a fixed fee invoice does not change the total invoiced amount but it provides more accurate reporting for the work associated with the fixed fee invoice

2 – Revenue and Commissions Report – Option to Include Fixed Fee Invoices

An additional selection is provided to include or exclude fixed fee invoices from the revenue and commissions report.  Users can also exclude individual flat fee invoices if they are not ready to be included from the revenue and commissions report by marking a final invoice as incomplete.

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