Split Invoicing

Dividing your invoices does not have to be hard

A dollar bill being split by a saw

Be ready for any billing scenario

Creating invoices can be arduous enough without some of the wrinkles your clients throw at you. Split billing is one of those occasions. Don't fear being asked to divide an invoice any longer.

TimeSolv allows you to split an invoice in any conceivable way to send to your clients. You can split for as many clients as you need and customize the percentages. Send to multilple clients with confidence each party will be paying exactly what they should for your work.

Include as many clients as needed on invoice

Customize percentage of invoice for each client

Review the split on invoice before sending

Keith Walther

Split billing is incredibly easy to use and I particularly liked how you have the ability to set the percentage between the clients receiving the split bills; it didn’t automatically assume it would be a 50/50 split. We don’t have to use this feature too often, but I’m so happy to have it because it saves so much time from having to manually split the bills yourself.

Keith Walther - Rose Law Group

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