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Law Firm Tech: Six Reasons Why Your Law Firm Website Needs a Live Chat Widget

Written by Erika Winston

5 min read

It’s taken a while, but legal marketing has firmly embraced the digital world of today’s society. At the very least, lawyers have recognized the importance of having a website that attracts potential clients and turns interested into profits. But with so many law firm websites for consumers to choose from, how can you make yours stand out from the crowd?  

Today’s consumer has high expectations thanks to the unlimited options of shopping in a digital world. When they visit your website, they want to have their questions answered as quickly and completely as possible. By attending to these needs expeditiously, you increase the odds that your website visitor will become a paying client. So, it’s important to have tools in place that facilitate these valuable communications.  

This post will explore six reasons why live chat widgets may be the answer your law firm needs to stay competitive.  


What is a Live Chat Widget

Live chat widgets provide an online customer service solution that helps law firms better engage visitors to their websites. These tools use online chat, help desk software, and website analytics capabilities to facilitate interactions in real-time.  

From the visitor’s side, they appear as small chat boxes located at the bottom corner of a webpage. Visitors simply click a button to start a conversation with a member of your law firm staff. On the firm’s side, you receive questions and inquiries from site visitors that can either be answered with automated data or by a live representative of the firm.  

Marketing experts say that many visitors leave websites before making a purchase because they did not find the information they wanted while on the site. A live chat wizard creates a seamless flow of information that quickly provides visitors with the answers they need to make an immediate decision about your law firm. 


Why Your Law Firm Needs a Live Chat Widget


Greater Conversion Rates

Clients want lawyers who are going to be available and willing to answer their questions and respond to their concerns. A live chat widget makes a good first impression. Potential clients walk away from the experience with a sense of comfort that your firm will be available throughout their matter. The responses and communication that occur through chat also build a level of trust that goes a long way in turning a website visitor into a client.  

Studies show that companies experience a 20% greater boost in conversions upon installing a chat app on their websites. This is because visitors who have positive experiences with chat support teams are more likely to complete a sale. If your website chat users get a sense that your firm cares about its clients and will go the extra mile to provide assistance, they will be more likely to engage your services 



When compared to communication methods like emails, phone calls, and social media, live chat widgets prove to not only be more effective but also less costlyA single firm member can handle multiple live chats during the course of a day, perhaps even several at one time. This increases efficiency and helps your firm better allocate employee resources.  

Phone calls must be handled one a time, and the firm member may have little control over the amount of time that a single call takes. In addition, when multiple calls come in simultaneously, it may become virtually impossible to handle them all in an effective and efficient manner.  

For a relatively small investment, a live chat widget can affordably and efficiently keep your firm in communication with site visitors.  


Improved Search Engine Rankings

A live chat widget can also help improve your firm’s search engine rankings and reduce your bounce rates. Whenever visitors engage with the chat widget, they are likely to remain on your website for a longer period of timeSearch engine algorithms recognize these visits as quality traffic, which boosts your firm’s website ranking.  


Generate Client Leads

The truth is that, even with the best live chat widget experience, some clients just will not engage your law firm. However, the live chat provides an opportunity for your office to gain valuable information and generate a lead from every user. By requesting user information like email addresses, you can build your law firm’s contact list – especially if you use newsletters or some other form of email marketing.  

Here’s some more good news statistics show that more than 60% of consumers are more likely to revisit a website with live chat support. 


Data Gathering

Just as your firm uses live chat widgets to collect contact information, these communications can also be used to gather valuable marketing data. By keeping records of these chats, firm leaders can identify common questions among website visitors. This information can then be used to craft a specific website page or create marketing content geared towards that particular concern.  

Data gathered during a live chat session can help law firms improve customer service and marketing strategies to drive more client conversion. 


Get Ahead of the Competition   

Even with such positive results, live chat widgets are used on less than 10% of commerce websites… and that percentage decreases significantly for law firms. So, implementing this tool on your site can help your firm stand out from the other firms in your area. Use live chat support to differentiate your firm from the rest.  


Law Firm Websites Need a Live Chat Widget

Successful law firm marketing uses a variety of tools and resources to gain an edge over their competition and improve conversion rates. With a live chat widget on your law firm website, you can effectively boost engagement, improve brand awareness, and grow firm profits 


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