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TimeSolv Becomes Part of ProfitSolv

Written by Scott Clasen

2 min read
As many of you know, TimeSolv was created in 1999 by Thomson Reuters as one of the first online time and billing platforms available for lawyers. By 2006, TimeSolv had grown a small but loyal group of users. Our CEO, Raza Hasan, worked at Thomson at the time and correctly saw a future where we would all eventually use the software in the cloud through our web browsers. He negotiated with Thomson to spin TimeSolv off as a private entity that year.

Through the next 14 years, TimeSolv totally rebuilt the software to take advantage of the latest development tools and to meet the needs of today’s attorneys. During that time, TimeSolv saw unprecedented growth and has quadrupled the number of firms and users. All the while, TimeSolv achieved this through boot-strapped efforts, not relying on investment dollars.

The strong growth of TimeSolv and its position in the market has not gone unnoticed. As a result, TimeSolv made the decision to further accelerate our growth by agreeing to investment from Greater Sum Ventures and LightYear Capital. We are now part of a multi-company organization called ProfitSolv, committed to making available to the best tools to manage law firms and other professional service industries.

TimeSolv’s team of legal billing experts remains the same, as does our commitment to improve the lives of attorneys and make the business of running a law firm easier.

We look forward to this next chapter as we enter our third decade working with the best customers in the world!

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