TimeSolv’s goal is to provide a highly secure, available and fast application to make sure our customers enjoy the user experience. How do we achieve this?

  • State-of-the-art development platform. We are using a development platform that automatically generates source code optimized for performance. This platform also enables us to deploy hot updates without requiring any downtime or any impact on users. Users see the changes as soon as they log out and log back in.
  • Advanced computing environment. We are using Amazons AWS cloud computing infrastructure for high availability and high performance.
  • Third-party real-time monitoring. TimeSolv uses Pingdom to ensure high availability and responsiveness, and are proud of sharing our availability and performance statistics with our users. Check out Pingdom for more information.
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Data security

TimeSolv’s data has never been breached in the our history of 16+ years. To ensure secure communication over the internet, TimeSolv uses 256 bit SSL encrypted communication.

TimeSolv is using the AWS cloud computing environment. Amazons AWS uses state-of-the-art technology and highly secure data centers. Their data centers are staffed 24 hours every day. Multiple availability zones provide us the capability to be available even under natural disasters or system failures.

Granular user access

User access in TimeSolv is highly granular and easily customizable. Firm administrators are able to provide the right information to the right users. For example, a timekeeper may only be allowed to enter time, with no access to the rate information or the amount billed to the client. However, a project manager may be authorized to see everything for their assigned project, but not information on other projects.

  • Access control at each user level
  • Granularity to provide the right information
  • Ability to restrict access to a particular project especially useful for contractors and contract attorneys
  • Ability to inactivate a user temporarily but still allow access to all their entries for management purposes

Option for customized Self-Hosted solution

TimeSolv is one of the few SaaS (software as a service) providers that allows you to run it’s software application on your servers. Some firms find it really important that they have full control over their solution and that it can be customized to meet their specific business needs. Please contact TimeSolv to learn more about how we can provide you a self-hosted and fully customized solution by extending our current products.

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