If you dread creating invoices, our robust invoicing software features will allow you to finally relax.


Bill faster, get paid faster

Every minute spent working on an invoice means one less minute of billable time.

Get bills out faster with our flexible templates, and clients will never have reason to question an invoice again.

From LEDES billing and automatic tax calculations to custom narratives and easy-to-apply discounts, to credit card payments and time-saving reminders, we’ve got you covered with our simple but powerful invoicing software for business owners.

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  • Flexible Billing Templates

    Create and send invoices, individualized bills, and estimates for each client to cater to their specific needs. Invoice customization saves your business valuable time by using templates for each type of client so you don’t have to start an invoice from scratch every time.
    Flexible Billing Templates
  • Split Billing

    Make your business work smarter, not harder—customize how to divide an invoice and percentages of who pays. Split for as many people or businesses as your client needs while always getting the payments you are owed for your time.
    Split Billing
  • Get Paid Faster

    Clients can pay you online through the client portal. Skip the paper checks and save time for your business. Accept and track payments online within hours instead of days with the best invoicing software features that offer seamless credit card and ACH online payments. Schedule recurring invoices to bill clients or businesses on retainer automatically to their credit cards or bank account and lower your accounts receivable.
    Get Paid Faster
  • Batch Invoices

    Use our billing and invoicing software features to create and send invoices to similar types of clients or businesses with one click. Generate unlimited invoices for a client base where you offer services with the same line items to shave hours off your monthly billing tasks. Save even more time for your business when you use accounting tools like recurring invoices or TimeSolvPay for billing saved credit card and/or bank account information for ongoing retainer fees.
    Batch Invoices
  • Choose Fixed Fee

    Fulfill any invoicing and billing arrangement and offer a fixed fee to meet clients and businesses where they’re at. Create a base fee using time-tracking tools to keep your business profitable and your cash flow growing.
    Choose Fixed Fee
  • Schedule Your Invoices

    Create due dates and times to be reminded of when invoices need to be delivered. When your business keeps billing and invoicing on a schedule or uses recurring invoices, you never send them out late—or receive a payment late.
    Schedule Your Invoices
  • Adjust Invoice Tools

    Templates are critical to saving time for your business, but sometimes you still need to make a few tweaks for a specific client after you’ve used the invoice generator. Make any edits or adjustments in seconds right from the draft bill to send professional, custom invoices to all your clients and affiliate businesses.
    Adjust Invoice Tools
  • Bill Electronically

    Skip the excessive overhead fees and wasted time from paper billing and use invoicing and billing software to bill electronically. Plus, the software features can help your business master critical codes, including ABA task codes, UTBMS, LEDES 1998b, LEDES 1998BI, Chubbs, and Litigation Advisor.
    Bill Electronically
  • AutoMail

    Some businesses may be hesitant to make the switch to electronic invoicing and billing. Meet their needs with TimeSolv billing software, which gives you the ability to have us send invoices for you in the mail, making it easier to streamline your billing process.

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Sample Invoice Templates

Legal Invoice with UTBMS (Uniform Task Based Management System)

The American Bar Association of the United States defines categories for legal time and expenses by UTBMS codes. These codes are required for creating electronic invoices in the LEDES 98B format. This format requires a Task Code and an Activity Code.

This user has chosen to show the UTBMS codes for time and expense entries, Statement of Account, and Remittance Section. In this example, the user has also chosen to use all options of the Time and Expense Details in the invoicing software and included a Remittance Section with user-defined payment processing instructions.

(click on image to see full invoice)

Invoice with Cover Page, Time and Expense Details, Statement of Account and Remittance Page

This invoice includes a Cover Page, Time and Expense Details, a Statement of Account, and a Remittance Page.

The user has entered custom text on the cover page, in the Time and Expense Details section, and on the Remittance Page. They also chose to include all options in the Time and Expense Details sections. This invoice also shows a percentage discount applied.

(click on image to see full invoice)

Invoice with Time & Expense Details, Statement of Account and Remittance Page

This invoice includes Time and Expense Details, Time and Expense Summary, and the Remittance Page.

In this example, the user has chosen to use all options of the Time and Expense Details in the invoicing software, including a Time Summary grouped by task and timekeeper, an Expense Summary grouped by expense by timekeeper, and included a Remittance Section with user-defined payment processing instructions.

(click on image to see full invoice)

Invoice for a Fixed Fee Matter

Here, users opt for time and expense tracking but choose not to show the details on the invoice. They can type in what they would like visible on the invoice and show the charges.

(click on image to see full invoice)

Invoice with Time & Expense Detail

This example shows an invoice with a left-aligned letterhead logo and the Time and Expense details only.  

The user has chosen to exclude the Cover Page, Time and Expense Summary, Statement of Account, and Remittance Page. The user has also chosen to exclude the Timekeeper and Rate from the Time and Expense Detail section.

(click on image to see full invoice)

Invoice for Split Invoices


This example shows an invoice that has been split 50/50 for two clients. TimeSolv’s invoicing software allows users to split invoices for as many clients as needed and uses invoice customization for the percentage of the invoice paid by each client.(click on image to see full invoice)

The Right Tools for Every Profession

Manage projects, track progress in real-time, send invoices and record payments


The ability to efficiently break your business down and track by client, task, frequency, and more brings new clarity to your work and saves you valuable time. Use customized, professional invoices with your company’s logos and style for a polished look that elevates your brand. Comprehensive reports about your invoices give you clear data on which clients are best for your business and which customers should be reconsidered.


With Intuit QuickBooks Online or Desktop integration, TimeSolv its seamlessly into your workflow. Accounting is time-consuming enough—you want your time-tracking and invoicing solution to be as simple as possible. Leave the filing cabinet behind and use our invoicing dashboard to create and send customizable, robust invoices. The Intuit QuickBooks integration is flawless for superior user experience with bank reconciliation features and other time-saving features for small businesses.


To thrive, self-employed freelancers and small business owners need excellent time-management and expense reporting software. Don’t let business expenses, organizing receipts, and invoicing take up too much of your time. Track each billable minute and create invoices in seconds so you can maximize your billable hours, manage cash flow, and set reasonable quotes for value billing to grow your small business.   

Use the best invoicing software for self-employed and small business owners to create recurring invoices for any clients on retainer to automate your billing completely. Send professional invoices and payment reminders customized with your business logos to attract and retain high-quality customers. Accept customers’ payments via credit cards and bank account drafts to keep your AP/AR in check.

PR Firms

Tracking time accurately provides important insights to all PR professionals for budgeting and bidding on new fixed-fee projects. Clients often want to pay a single rate in a fixed-fee project, but you need to stay profitable. One of the features of TimeSolv is that you can use our invoicing software to track time to set rates and use the entries to invoice quickly and send payment reminders to reduce your accounts receivable and receive payments at the end of the month. Tracking time accurately provides important project management insights to all PR professionals for budgeting and bidding on new fixed-fee projects. 


Mac Firms

TimeSolv was designed for companies that are used to products that work seamlessly from one device to another. TimeSolv’s invoicing software matches Mac’s simple interface and can sync across devices, so it’s easier to communicate with everyone on your team and stay on top of project management. With our integration features and accounting tools you can Become an invoice ninja and finish your invoicing and billing fast, no matter where you’re located or what device you're on with our easy integration and user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access TimeSolv software remotely?

Yes, TimeSolv software is cloud-based, so you can access all your clients’ and customers’ information remotely. Our flexibility features allow you to Use our invoicing software on your computer and then our TimeSolv mobile invoice app for on-the-go invoicing on your phone or tablet.

Remote work is more critical than ever, and you need tools like TimeSolv to keep everyone on the same page. If you work on a hybrid schedule, review and manage invoices on your days at home by using our mobile invoicing apps system on your iPad. If you don’t finish, pick up where you left off when you get to your desktop computer in the office.

Sometimes, you must take calls after hours. Don’t miss a single billable minute. Access your timesheet and track time from home with TimeSolv mobile. You can enter long descriptions with Siri’s help (or Google Assistant if you use Android), no typing necessary! Plus, the most recent entries come up first, so you can easily update what you were working on.

Does TimeSolv integrate with other tools?

When you use a patchwork of tools that don’t integrate, your tech stack becomes expensive, and it creates bottlenecks that impede workflows. 

  Luckily, the TimeSolv invoicing solution integrates with a wide range of software tools to simplify time tracking and invoicing processes across multiple professions.   

Some of the helpful integrations offered with our invoicing software include:  

  • Law Ruler: Use client relationship management software tailored to lawyers to organize your leads, prospects, and existing clients. Use the information clients input from their smart intake forms to create error-free invoices. Follow up with clients using text message reminders about meetings and upcoming due dates for payment. 
  • Intuit QuickBooks Online or Desktop: Transfer data bi-directionally between the two programs and reduce time-consuming manual data entry in your payroll and bookkeeping. Once you enter data into TimeSolv, you can find the same information in QuickBooks Online.  
  • Xero Accounting Software: Mistakes happen if you have to complete redundant data entry. Sync your clients, invoices, payments, credits, expenses, inventory tracking, and trust transactions between TimeSolv and Xero accounting software to keep all data consistent. 
  • Microsoft 365: Use TimeSolv’s Outlook add-in to create time entries for calendar events or while building and sending emails. Make sure you collect every cent of the money you deserve and never miss a billable minute again. 
  • LexShare/LexSign: Save time and get signed documents back in hours instead of days with secure file-sharing and e-Signature integrations. 

Keep your tech stack affordable by using systems that integrate for a seamless experience with TimeSolv, the right invoicing software. 

How secure is online invoicing software?

You want the most secure option possible for keeping customers’ data safe from hackers when using invoicing software for your small business. TimeSolv offers robust security features, including the highly encrypted 256-bit SSL to transmit data from your browser and our data center and services.   

Billing and invoicing software must be compliant to meet security standards. Trust the best invoicing software for small businesses out there, like TimeSolv, which maintains SSAE-16 compliance with Service Organization Control (SOC) 1, 2, and 3, compliance reports. On top of that, TimeSolv is ISO 9001 certified and PCI DSS compliant.  

TimeSolv also offers a single sign-on to log into secure networks if you’re part of a large office. If you need to sign into a large, secure server to access your work, then you don’t have to sign in again when using TimeSolv to create invoices.

What kind of technical support is available?

When you need IT support for your invoicing software, you can’t afford to wait days for a response. That’s why TimeSolv offers a customer support knowledge base for you to read through at no additional charge. There’s a new users page that sets you up with the software and guides you through certain features so you can learn how to use TimeSolv fast. Watch our video tutorials to go in-depth with software features to minimize non-billable hours (at no additional cost).   

If an issue comes up that you can’t figure out, call our customer service representatives at 800.715.1284 from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. If it’s the weekend, you can reach us by email for urgent needs. You can also submit a question during business hours that will be answered within two hours.   

Sometimes, you need one-on-one support and for the other person to actually see the screen to understand the issue. For additional support, schedule an online meeting with one of our staff members where you can share your screen and get individualized attention for your tech needs.  

How does TimeSolv help with compliance for law firms?

Law firms are required to stay compliant with their state bar regulations as well as ABA Rules of Model Conduct. These compliance obligations make industry-agnostic software a challenge to use correctly.   

TimeSolv’s invoicing software and other features support compliance requirements so you can run your law firm without fear of a malpractice suit. For example, TimeSolvPay has an ethically compliant functionality that deducts online payment fees from the correct accounts. Additionally, when sharing information securely, TimeSolv remains compliant with the most recent standards (and beyond) to ensure that you’re not opening yourself up to lawsuits.  

TimeSolv uses state-of-the-art code generation, optimization, and compilation from the 

OutSystems Platform to keep information protected. A few security features this enables are:  

  • HTTPS support to prevent eavesdropping and session hijacking  
  • Strong session identifier validation mechanisms 
  • Cross-site scripting prevention 
  • Dedicated and isolated database connection pools 
  • Total runtime isolation and containment by using code generation patterns

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