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Everything an accounting firm needs in one place. Easy billable timetracking, invoicing, and billing in an advanced project management solution.

  • Expense Tracking
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Batch Billing
  • Document Storage
  • Zero AR Feature to Collect Payments in Seconds
  • Explore Industry’s Best Value-Added Features
  • Automatic Tax Calculations


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Industry’s Best Time Tracking & Billing Solutions for Accounting/CPA Firms

Simple-to-use software for accountants with powerful solutions for tax accountants, auditors, accountants, financial advisors, and consultants

Our time and billing software for accountants ensures that every business expense is clear, organized, and accessible. You can finally leave behind your filing cabinet, paper timesheets, Excel spreadsheets, and crumpled receipts. Let’s face it, it’s about time.

TimeSolv lets you track expenses, coordinate timesheet management, track billable project costs, and bill clients from anywhere through our TimeSync app. No internet access is needed.

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TimeSolv’s Accountant Billing KEY Features


Premium Time Tracking TOOLS

TimeSolv’s mobile time-tracking software features allow you to track billable hours anywhere on any device for multiple clients, all in one place, regardless of whether or not you’re online. Easily see at a glance time entered by day, week, and month at a glance.


Store client payment information and run payment for sent invoices in batches. Get paid on YOUR schedule, meaning zero AR on your books


Custom Invoicing

Use TimeSolv’s billing software to create multiple billing templates for each client, complete with recurring invoices for multiple clients


Integrated Billing & Invoicing

Simplify the billing process with two-way integration with QuickBooks, creating a seamless experience between your time tracking and client billing and your business accounting.

Hourly Rate Flexibility

Our time tracking tool lets you choose the hourly rate by task, by matter, by client, and by timekeeper. We have many options in our time and billing software for accountants to give you the flexibility you need and streamline tedious timekeeping processes



Simplify Calculations

Time and expense tracking allow you to see quick dashboard reports views of financial aspects reports including daily, weekly, monthly, or annual recurring expenses for maximum productivity.


If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with TimeSolv accounting software for accountants after six months with an active account, we’ll provide a full refund.
*Must have completed our Essentials Training with a TimeSolv Success Manager.

Your Business Data Available Anywhere at Anytime

Being digital-friendly isn't enough—you need software that is remote-friendly and allows you to coordinate communications with clients from anywhere.

As a cloud-based service, TimeSolv assists private detective firms in time tracking with multiple timers and access entries via desktop devices and mobile apps, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, iOS, or Android devices.

With our TimeSolv Mobile App or TimeSync Desktop Application, you don’t even have to be online to enter time. It will synchronize your time-tracking data when you connect.

Accountant Billing Software FAQs


  • Time and expense tracking
  • Bill creation and invoicing
  • Collections and payment
  • Trust accounting
  • Reporting and analytics

Legal billing software like TimeSolv streamlines the legal billing process, making these essential but tedious tasks easier to manage.

Legal billing software stands out from generic billing and time management software because it provides functionalities that support law firm operations—such as tracking billable time and expenses and assigning LEDES and UTBMS billing codes.

Moreover, legal-specific billing software safeguards against compliance risks, particularly when it comes to trust accounting, which requires diligence in how funds are transferred into and out of client trust accounts.

Why do accounting firms need software for time and billing?

Do you tend to manage multiple projects for clients at once, charging different billing rates for each? If you’re like most accounting firms, you probably answered “yes.”

Time-tracking software is critical for accounting firm profitability. With time-tracking software that integrates with accounting features like billing, accounting firms can establish reliable matter budgets, assess the profitability of diverse types of matter, evaluate accountant and staff workflow, and determine which fee structures are the most appropriate. Master time management and cut down non-billable time with our thorough reporting features.

On the other hand, our professional service automation software program reduces administrative tasks in the billing and payment process. Working in tandem with time-tracking software, you can create invoices efficiently, deliver bills promptly, and get paid faster. Use financial reports with time and billing software to understand which types of clients best help your bottom line.

Can I access TimeSolv software for accountants remotely?

Yes! TimeSolv’s time and billing software is cloud-based, so you can access all your client and project management information remotely—and currently, remote work is more prevalent than ever.

Use our time and billing software on a desktop app or your mobile device for on-the-go invoicing. Regardless of what you’re working on or where you’re working from, you don’t have to miss any of your billable hours and expense tracking. And our simple time-tracking software works well on any device, so you won’t be struggling to log hours on your phone with a clunky interface.

Can TimeSolv software for billing and task management integrate with other tools?

As a law firm, you probably rely on multiple tools to manage your practice, from a CRM (Client Relationship Management) to generate and nurture leads to an online payment processor to offer clients convenient payment options. Because resources like these are crucial to your operations, your time-tracking software needs to connect seamlessly with them to maximize billable time.

With TimeSolv’s key features for a successful accounting business, you can connect your time tracking and expense data to your other software with integrations to:

  • QuickBooks accounting software
  • Xero Accounting
  • Microsoft 365
  • Law Ruler
  • LexShare/LexSign
  • NetDocuments
  • Dropbox
  • TimeSolvPay
  • AccountEdge

Powerful integrations and project management features cut time spent on manual data entry, assign tasks easily, and reduce non-billable hours for better client and resource management.

How secure is TimeSolv billing software for accountants?

Cybercrimes are on the rise, and clients are more concerned than ever about their digital security. When it comes to protecting client information (not to mention all your company information) from hackers and cyber-attacks, you want the most secure option possible.

TimeSolv’s time and billing software offers robust security features including the highly encrypted 256-bit SSL to transmit data from your browser and our data center and services. Additionally, your password will never be stored in clear text format—with encryption, not even TimeSolv can read it.

TimeSolv also includes single sign-on to log into secure networks for businesses. If you already have to sign in to a large, secure server to access your work, then you don’t have to sign in again when using TimeSolv.

Finally, all project and client information will stay completely confidential. Even our customer service representatives only have access to your TimeSolv account information and can only access your data if you assign them a temporary login and password to help with an issue.

What technical support is available?

When you invest in project management software, you want to be sure that everything will run smoothly—and that you’ll have all the support you need if any issues arise. We get that, and we’re ready to help you.

TimeSolv offers a free customer support knowledge base for you to explore to build your skills. There’s a new users page that helps with software set-up and guides you through key features. You can also watch our video tutorials to go in-depth with extensive accounting features, allowing you to get familiar with your new software quickly (without accruing non-billable hours on self-training).

If you have an issue that you can’t find the answer to on your own, feel free to call us if that’s easier at 800-715-1284 Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM EST. On weekends, you can send us an email for urgent needs. You can also send a question during business hours that will be answered within a few hours.

Interested in one-on-one support? Schedule an online meeting with one of our staff members where you can share your screen and get individualized insight.

What accounting features should I look for in my time and billing software?

When you’re investing in a new platform, it’s essential to assess your software needs. Each accounting firm has unique requirements for their billing process and payroll. However, there are some features in billing software programs that every accounting firm can benefit from, such as the ability to accept online payments, easily manage documents, monitor expenses, and create custom and recurring invoices.

But that’s not the sum of what an accounting firm needs to track time and bill efficiently. You may also need:

  • Expense Management
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Batch Billing
  • Document Storage
  • Zero AR Features
  • Automatic Tax Calculations

Keep in mind that whatever your software solution is, you’ll want the ideal one that can grow alongside your practice!

How secure is TimeSolv time and billing software?

Billing and invoicing software must meet security standards. TimeSolv maintains SSAE-16 compliance with Service Organization Control (SOC) 1, 2, and 3, compliance reports. On top of that, TimeSolv is ISO 9001 certified and PCI (Payment Card Industry) DSS compliant.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is not optional—it’s a mandated requirement that includes a set of security guidelines formed by the five major credit card brands to ensure that merchants are following best practices to reduce credit card fraud and security breaches.

Can I track time or bill for multiple timekeepers?

Yes! In our time tracking software, you can manage multiple timekeepers and create timekeeper groups and subgroups. You have the option to add another layer of protection for your firm by limiting access for timekeepers that don’t need to access all your company information or client data.

Can I use TimeSolv if I run a solo practice?

Yes! Whether you’re just getting started with a solo practice or your accounting firm is rapidly growing, TimeSolv offers a few different pricing plans depending on the number of users you need.

  • 1-4 users: $39.95 monthly or $35.95 annually (per user)
  • 5-14 users: $37.95 monthly or $34.16 annually (per user)
  • 15+ users: $35.95 monthly or $32.36 annually (per user)

While we don’t offer free accounting software and time tracking, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to see if it works for your firm.


Will using time and billing software affect my accounting clients?

Yes—and in a positive way. When you use time and billing software, you can have happier, more satisfied clients. Automating processes like billing—think batch billing and recurring invoices—decreases the time you need to spend on tedious administrative processes and gives you more room in your schedule for important client matters. Improve client billing by creating a consistent experience from start to finish.

If people don’t want to deal with billing at all, you can set up recurring payment plans with online payments. This automatically deducts a retainer fee from their account every month, so customers don’t get hit with late fees if they miss payment deadlines because they forgot to cut a check.

When it comes to time tracking, your clients will feel the benefits. That’s because your law firm will have precise information from time-tracking software to use when deciding how to price legal matters and implement profitable rates. You’ll also know how much time to allocate for different matters, which means you can give clients a more realistic estimate of how long different tasks will take.

What information should be included on my accounting firm’s invoices?

When you’re building an invoice, you should always include relevant information that allows your client to understand what they’re paying for. By doing this, you decrease the likelihood of disputed bills and increase client trust.

While each accounting client and bill are unique, make sure that you include the following when creating invoices:

  • Information for reference. The last payment the client made, the itemized list of your legal services—without any difficult-to-understand verbiage—and the total balance due for the month.

  • Clear payment methods. When using TimeSolv, clients can pay through TimeSolv Pay. Make sure you clearly indicate the process for doing so, whether it’s paying through a secure client portal or through a secure link.
Can I customize my invoices with TimeSolv?

Yes! TimeSolv supplies customizable invoice templates that allow you to add your law or accounting firm’s logo, fonts, and colors

TimeSolv’s legal time and billing software offers several different template styles for you to choose from, or you make your own template and use custom billing entries. If you want to adjust the invoice further, you can download it and make added changes in Word.

Is there a free version of TimeSolv?

At this time, we do not offer a free version of TimeSolv. However, you can try it out for free with no upfront costs. All interested users have the option to sign up for a free trial, complete with one-on-one training to learn everything you need to know about our software before progressing to one of our paid plans.

More TimeSolv Features


Time Tracking

Record every minute and earn more revenue with 100% accuracy and freedom to access from anywhere



Faster, automatic, tax calculated customized invoices with flexible easy to use templates


We help to forecast the profitability of accounting firms. Prepare your estimates  and portray trustworthy budget to clients

Expense Tracking

Get rid of manual spreadsheets and control the expenses with organized and manageable approach

Document Management

Secure, reliable and fast document management. Cloud based document automation


31 different reports that cover billable hours, account receivable, expense and performance

Project Management

Plan your work efficiently and accurately and then track in real time


Easily sync your data in both directions from TimeSolv and either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online

Credit Card Processing

Get paid faster with integration between TimeSolv and Affinipay, TimeSolvPay and CPACharge

Xero Accounting

Integrate with Xero, the fastest web-based accounting package for small businesses.



Dropbox is a leading cloud-based document management solution the seamlessly integrates with TimeSolv

Net Documents

Sync with NetDocuments, the industry standard for secure, cloud-based document management

Mobile App

Enter time and expense entries while on the go with the TimeSolv mobile app for iPhone and Android

Desktop Widget

Track time and expenses even if offline or your browser isn’t open with our unique TimeSync Application

Outsourced Billing

Our unique service does the billing and invoicing for you so you can do the work you love

Automatic Data Backup

State-of-the-art hosting and options to provide backups on the schedule you designate

Data Conversion

TimeSolv are the experts when it comes to converting data from old legacy systems

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