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As your firm’s virtual front door, your website is crucial for your practice. An effective website creates a positive first impression, elevates your client experience, and drives your firm’s growth.

Building this kind of website is time-consuming with a DIY system and expensive with a local agency. And most law firms lack the resources to adequately maintain and update it.

TimeSolv Websites offers a professional, mobile-friendly, “done for you” website with built-in SEO, designed specifically for law firms.

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TimeSolv Websites “Done-For-You” Approach –
Fast, Easy and Worry-Free

TimeSolv Websites gives you a complete “turnkey” solution. We do all the work – so you don’t have to spend endless hours (and escalating budgets) – on design, content creation, SEO, or solving tech issues. Here is what’s “done-for-you” at TimeSolv Websites:

A Clean, Modern Design

Your site will look as good on a phone as it does on a computer. High quality, licensed stock photos, like those used by large companies, give your site a polished, professional appearance. Simple, clear navigation ensures that visitors find what they need quickly.

Convincing Content

We’ll create 10 full pages to feature your practice. PLUS, we’ll include FAQ pages for up to 3 practice areas to highlight your expertise on legal topics that clients have questions about. You also get free quarterly updates to keep your site current, accurate, and interesting to search engines!

Client Convenience Tools

TimeSolv Websites include the tools that everyone expects these days, such as “Pay Invoice” buttons right on your home page, Client Intake forms to help convert prospects, and easy access to their Secure Client Portal right on your website. There’s even a language translation widget for practices that need it!
TimeSolv Has Solutions For Your Legal Practice Challenges

SEO Optimization

The truth about websites is: “If you build it, they will NOT come”. Unless you are an SEO Guru, knowing what levers to pull so your website ranks high in search as a top authority in your local market is not obvious and can be confusing. That is why your website is SEO-optimized (locally!) according to best practices that help your site get noticed by prospects in your area looking on Search Engines for legal services.

Safe, Reliable, Compliant Hosting

Our “no worries” tech platform gives you bank-grade SSL security, 4-layer spam protection, a robust firewall against cyber-attack, and continuous backups. PLUS, we use tools such as an ADA widget and SSAE SOC 2 compliant servers.
Track Time and Expenses While on the Go

Law Firm Websites are Our Specialty – And the Secret to Your Success

Our web team builds websites only for lawyers and law firms. This depth of experience, with so many law firms, means that we know what works for a legal services website — in terms of Design, Content, SEO Marketing, Converting Prospects, Keeping Clients Happy, and more.

You won’t waste time, money, and effort trying to “reinvent the wheel” through trial-and-error. Within two weeks, you’ll get a complete draft of your new website ready to review. Tweaks and revisions are generally minor – and your full site will be launched a couple of weeks later!

TimeSolv Websites Work – for All Types Law Firms

Easy enough for solo practitioners. Robust enough for large firms.
I’m A Solo Firm

New Solo Law Firm

Whether you’ve been out of law school for a few years now or a new graduate, now is the time you’ve decided to go out on your own. You know you need a powerful website – but you also have a million other things to do to launch your practice – and you have no time to spend on building a site now. The speed-to-launch and built-in SEO make TimeSolv Websites an ideal solution for you.
I’m a partner at my firm

Established Solo Firm

Maybe you run a solo practice. Five years ago, you built a website with a popular generic DIY provider because of the low cost. Like many who goes the DIY route, you might have become overwhelmed with all the work and steep learning curves required to build and maintain the site. And you ended up with a site that has minimal content and drives no new business. Looking around at your competitors, you know you need a more modern and substantial website – one that will grow your business. TimeSolv Websites is a cost-and-time-efficient way to take you to the next level.
I do all the billing

Medium Size Law Firm

Perhaps your law firm is a bit larger and supports five attorneys – and just hired two more. Your website is now 10+ years old – and looks it. You’ve been using a local web development agency and have grown tired of paying hourly fees of $150/hr. for every update or change to the site … so you’ve let it go stale. Only about 1 in 10 of your new cases come in from the site at this point. You need a site that can generate enough work to keep your two new hires busy. It’s time to leverage TimeSolv Websites’ specialized experience with law firms and put those proven formulas to work for the Martin firm.

Make a Convincing Case for Your Law Practice with TimeSolv Websites

Every time someone visits your website, you and your law practice are “on trial.” The stakes are high, and you can’t afford to turn off a prospect or client with an amateur website that questions your credibility – just like you wouldn’t show up in court in rumpled clothing.

TimeSolv Websites provides all the elements to make a “winning case” for your practice: professional design, convincing content that’s regularly updated, state-of-the-art client tools – all running on a safe, secure, spam-free tech platform.

Track Time and Expenses While on the Go
Track Time and Expenses While on the Go

You’re In Control: Grow and Go Anywhere with Your Site

As your firm grows, so does your TimeSolv Website. Need an additional practice area due to a new hire? No problem. Additional pages are always an option. The same goes for forms, tools, additional content and photos.

Your site is built on WordPress, the ubiquitous platform used by more sites worldwide than any other. That means it’s completely portable. If you decide to leave, we’ll zip your site up for you – ready to load at any other WordPress hosting service.


Stay with TimeSolv Websites because we work hard for you, not because you’re trapped by an aggressive contract. And, after the initial setup, you only pay one flat monthly fee per website, NOT per user like at other providers.

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