Estate Planning Software for Law Firms

As an attorney with an estate planning practice, your clients count on you to ensure their legacy is carried out according to their plans. Make sure you have the right tools to ensure their wishes are honored.

With document management features to keep important files accessible, invoicing and payment processing features for better billing, and a secure client portal to keep your clients updated at every step, TimeSolv is designed to support law firms with estate planning documents, wills, and trusts.

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  • Ensure Every Case is Organized

    Your clients depend on you to ensure every detail of their estate plans are in order.
    Keep legal documents organized and accessible with TimeSolv’s robust document management tools.

    Draft documents in seconds

    Don't start wills, beneficiary designations, living trusts, financial power of attorney, healthcare directives, and other legal documents from scratch. Leverage stored client and matter information with document automated workflows to save time and prevent data entry errors.

    Access legal documents

    Find, review, and change client documents securely and quickly on any device—even your phone—using custom tags and document descriptions.

    Say goodbye to data entry errors

    Integrate TimeSolv with Law Ruler, Office 365 Outlook, and Dropbox to import the information and files you need quickly and efficiently. Eliminating the need for manual data entry also reduces human errors that could jeopardize the validity of your client’s estate plans. Learn more about TimeSolv’s document management software
  • Get Paid Faster with Online Payments

    Give your clients the opportunity to pay for your estate planning services through a multitude of simple and secure online payment methods.

    Give your clients more payment options

    Your clients pay faster when they have the freedom to pay the way that suits their budget. Accept ACH transfers, credit cards, and debit cards with TimeSolvPay.

    Achieve zero AR

    Reduce the friction in your billing and invoicing process to shorten the payment cycle and increase your collection rate. TimeSolv makes it possible to run payment for hundreds of invoices with just one click.

    Next-day funding

    Next-day funding gives you access to your money faster, so your firm can benefit from a healthier cash flow. Learn more about TimeSolvPay
  • Simplify Client Communications

    Using the secure client portal from TimeSolv, you can keep your clients engaged and build stronger relationships with them.
    Share documents, send messages, keep clients up to date, and more from one simple dashboard.

    Offer clients more control

    TimeSolv’s client portal empowers your clients to independently replenish trust funds, review their payment history, and more—without distracting you from billable tasks.

    Secure communication

    Thorough communication is crucial when it comes to drafting estate plans and other legal matters that serve your clients. The client portal makes it possible to clarify details as needed without sacrificing time or compliance.

    Easy updates for clients

    Client satisfaction increases when clients understand the work you’re completing on their behalf. TimeSolv’s client portal allows them to check on the details of work in progress 24/7. Learn more about TimeSolv’s secure client portal
  • Benefits of TimeSolv for Estate Planning

    The best estate planning software lessens your workload and enhances the client experience.
    TimeSolv helps you spend less time on administrative work so that you can focus your attention on value-driven tasks and your legal workflows.

    Reduce human error

    Preventable data entry errors can put your clients' estate plans in jeopardy. TimeSolv's software uses workflow automation to reduce human error and safeguard your firm against potential malpractice claims.

    Win-win convenience for you and your clients

    Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to view and share documents, news, or updates 24/7 online. (And you’ll appreciate fielding fewer phone calls.)

    Increase productivity

    You'll have more time to commit to billable time on legal services, business growth, and professional development with automatic time tracking, invoicing, and other administrative tasks managed more efficiently. START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY
Do More with Our Software

Amplify your firm’s productivity with our comprehensive and feature-rich estate planning software. Get started with TimeSolv today to experience the difference. Here’s how you can further enhance your law firm’s productivity with TimeSolv.

Work Anywhere with Our Mobile App

Working outside the office is becoming more common, and TimeSolv’s mobile app ensures you never miss a beat. With our easy-to-use mobile app, you can track billable hours and add notes without your laptop. You can also view and manage client information here. Even better, you don’t need to connect to the internet to use our mobile app. Learn more.

Safeguard Your Files with Automatic Backup

Losing critical client data is a nightmare for any law firm. Without automated backups, this nightmare is bound to happen.

With TimeSolv, you can rest easy knowing all your data is automatically and securely backed up with our cloud-based solution. You’ll never have to worry about losing important files or information again from destructive computer viruses or hardware failures. Learn more.

Outsource Your Legal Bookkeeping Needs to Us

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records is critical for any law firm. However, managing legal bookkeeping on your own can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

With TimeSolv’s outsourced legal bookkeeping services, you can leave the tedious work to us while you focus on growing your practice. Our experienced team will handle all your accounting needs, ensuring accurate and timely bookkeeping. Learn more.

Salvage Old Data from Legacy Systems

One of the primary issues with switching to new software is the fear of losing old data from legacy systems. However, TimeSolv provides an efficient solution for this issue. Our team of experts can help you transfer your old data into our system seamlessly, ensuring all your information is preserved and easily accessible in one place.

Whether your firm’s been using Abacus, Omega Billing, or Juris, we can help you save time and resources by salvaging your old data. Talk to us to see if we can assist with your specific legacy system. Learn more.

Elevate Your Current Tools with TimeSolv

Switching to TimeSolv’s estate planning software for attorneys doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite accounting or legal applications. You can elevate your experience and empower your team with our integrations. Here are some tools you can integrate with TimeSolv.

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software for small businesses. With TimeSolv’s QuickBooks integration, you can effortlessly transfer data between both systems, keeping your finances up to date. Sync your data entry, invoicing, and payments for a seamless experience. Stay in control of your financials without duplicating the work.

Learn more.

Another popular and important accounting software is Xero Accounting. With TimeSolv’s integration, you can sync data automatically or manually.

Gain better control over your finances by transferring time and expense entries to Xero for accurate billing and accounting. Like with QuickBooks, you can streamline your billing and payment processes without duplicating your efforts.

Learn more.

NetDocuments is cloud-based software for document management for law firms. Integrating with TimeSolv allows you to save and retrieve your documents directly from NetDocuments.

With this integration, you can also organize your documents by client matter, track document versions, and securely share them with clients. Double down on your document management without the hassle.

Learn more.

Growing law firms often use Law Ruler to expand their customer relations efforts with their CRM, improve the client intake process, and enable marketing automation. With TimeSolv’s integration, you can effortlessly transfer data between both systems, keeping your client and matter information up to date. Empower your CRM with automated time tracking and billing to increase efficiency and productivity.

Learn more.

Dropbox is a popular and easy-to-use file hosting service. With TimeSolv’s integration, you can easily manage your files and documents in Dropbox directly from the TimeSolv platform.

You can enjoy a two-way sync, making retrieving documents and files easier when needed. This integration lets you keep your documents organized and accessible without switching between platforms. You can also create multiple tiers of folders to manage documents by client or matter.

Learn more.

Office 365 is a powerful office productivity suite with popular applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can further elevate your TimeSolv experience by integrating with Office 365.

With TimeSolv’s integration, you can quickly transfer data between both systems, streamlining document creation and management. You can also log time entries directly from Outlook to TimeSolv, making it easier to track billable hours. This integration also allows you to create and sync custom invoices in just a few clicks.

Learn more.

Our innovative TimeSolvPay allows your clients to pay their invoices using their credit cards easily. No more delayed or missed payments. TimeSolvPay is a secure and straightforward payment solution that allows clients to pay you faster while reducing collection time.

This payment solution also allows you to automate payment reminders, saving you time and resources. You can even track your payments in real time, giving you data-driven insights into your firm’s financials to make more informed decisions about business opportunities.

Learn more.

How Will Your Firm Benefit from Estate Planning Software?

Many law firms often stick with their old software because they’ve been using it for a long time and are acquainted with the estate planning tools despite its limitations. However, as technology evolves and clients’ needs change, it’s essential to consider upgrading to a more powerful, comprehensive solution.

  • Streamline Your Process from Start to Finish

    Efficient software streamlines your entire estate planning process, from the initial client intake to drafting and finalizing essential documents. With the right software, you can create document templates for frequently used legal forms or custom intake forms, saving time, and reducing errors. You can also digitally send drafts for review and approval, eliminating the need for in-person meetings.
  • Find Everything You Need When You Need It

    Gone are the days when you had to rummage through piles of papers or unsorted folders and files. Modern and more powerful estate planning software options allow you to organize and retrieve all your estate plan documents, as well as provide secure document storage, all in one place. You can instantly search for specific forms or information, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Save Time and Costs

    Efficient and modern software can help your firm save valuable time and costs. You’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your practice by automating routine tasks, reducing errors, and increasing workflow efficiency. Additional features, like electronic signatures, eliminate the need for printing and mailing documents, cutting down costs significantly.
  • Create Customized Documents Easily

    Most of the time, you’ll use the same format, with minor changes depending on the client’s needs. With powerful software, creation and preparation of comprehensive estate planning documents is achieved through customizable templates for several types of documents including medical directives, powers of attorney, trust plans, and more. Easily tailor them according to each client’s requirements not only saving time but also ensuring consistency and accuracy in document creation.
  • Protect Important Documents and Information

    One of the most significant issues with old software for estate planning is the outdated security measures. With the latest and most complete software solutions, you can rest assured that your sensitive documents and information are safe from cyber threats. The software will have robust security features like encryption, two-factor authentication, and data backup to ensure the utmost protection in our digital vault.

The Right Tools for Every Profession

As a professional in your field, you know the importance of having the right tools to get the job done efficiently and accurately. TimeSolv offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to the needs of professionals and businesses to manage projects, track progress in real-time, send invoices and record payments


Easily breaking your business down per user, client, task, frequency, and more, means bringing new clarity to your work.


Accountants who bill by the hour appreciate the task and project planning capabilities TimeSolv offers.


Freelancers need the best expense management and reporting software to thrive. Attach credit card or cash receipts with ease either online or with your mobile device.

PR Firms

Tracking time accurately provides important insights to all PR professionals for budgeting and bidding on new fixed-fee projects.

Mac Firms

TimeSolv was designed for firms that are used to products that work seamlessly from one device to another.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Estate Planning Law Firms

  • Time and expense tracking
  • Bill creation and invoicing
  • Collections and payment
  • Trust accounting
  • Reporting and analytics

Legal billing software like TimeSolv streamlines the legal billing process, making these essential but tedious tasks easier to manage.

Legal billing software stands out from generic billing and time management software because it provides functionalities that support law firm operations—such as tracking billable time and expenses and assigning LEDES and UTBMS billing codes.

Moreover, legal-specific billing software safeguards against compliance risks, particularly when it comes to trust accounting, which requires diligence in how funds are transferred into and out of client trust accounts.

What is estate planning software?
Estate planning software is legal software that’s specifically designed to make an attorney’s workload of complex estate plans more efficient and profitable.
How does estate planning law help attorneys?
Software designed for estate planning attorneys, such as TimeSolv, helps lawyers organize information about their clients and matters, keep track of their finances more profitably, and use their time more effectively.
How do I choose the right estate planning law software?
To see the greatest improvements in your firm, look for estate planning software that offers robust features designed to save you time on repetitive tasks and maximize your efforts. Look for law software that includes:

  • Time and expense tracking
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Client portal
  • Online payments
  • Trust accounting
  • And more
Does TimeSolv support flat fee billing for estate planning?
Yes, TimeSolv supports flat fee billing for estate planning. TimeSolv also allows you to offer clients monthly payments, evergreen retainers, and other popular fee structures.
Is It Hard to Use Estate Planning Software?
The difficulty of using or adapting to new estate planning software lies in the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the software itself. TimeSolv is designed to be easy to use, with a straightforward interface that doesn’t require extensive training. If you’re having trouble using our platform, we have a team of customer service representatives to assist you.
How Does TimeSolv Help Manage Invoices and Payments?
TimeSolv’s intuitive features allow you to easily create invoices, add time entries, and track payments. Our software also integrates with popular payment solutions like TimeSolvPay, making it easier for clients to pay their bills directly from the platform. With automatic payment reminders and real-time tracking, you can easily stay on top of your firm’s finances.
Can Clients Access Their Files in Our Estate Planning Software?
Our complete estate planning solution is built with easily accessible client portals so they can review their files and documents without making drastic changes. Your clients can view and download important documents from the portal, stay updated on the progress of their matters, and communicate with you securely for all the legal assistance they need.
How Secure Is TimeSolvPay?
TimeSolvPay employs a comprehensive and secure payment process with the latest encryption technology. We take the protection of our client’s financial information seriously, and we constantly update our security measures to ensure your data is safe from cyber threats.

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