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Tom Kirkendall

The Law Office of Tom Kirkendall

Tom cited the difficulty and effort it takes to get time recorded, and bills out consistently. He would review every statement that went out and remembered how his least favorite task was corralling attorneys trying to get their time in.

Kimberly Porter

Key Harrington Barnes, P.C.

Key Harrington Barnes had been using Timeslips for the past 13 years and one big fear was the ability to move all that historical data into a new system. The lawyers at the firm also travel a great deal and needed a way to easily track time and expenses while on the go.

Floyd Law Group

Business & Corporate Litigation

Floyd Law Group is a business and corporate trial practice, specializing in medical malpractice defense. It’s a trial law firm that was very conveniently working with Timeslips for 20 years.

Billy & Associates

Worker's compensation insurance defense

Billy and Associates specialize in worker’s compensation insurance defense in Richmond, Virginia. They’ve used many invoicing software solutions over the years, from QuickBooks to Timeslips and later even to cloud-based solution provider Clio. None of those providers gave them everything they wanted in billing software.

What our customers are saying…

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"We've loved working with TimeSolv to help build out our billing and compensation infrastructure.

They're extremely responsive and willing to help guide us through features, and even build in features that we request and they think will add value to their user base."

- José Ancer - Miller Egan Molter & Nelson LLP

Jose Ancer

Tom Kirkendall"I held off switching to TimeSolv for a long time because I was familiar and comfortable with Timeslips, although I was not enthralled with it. When I finally made the move, in less than a week, I was pleased to be set up and fully ready to use TimeSolv with 17 years of Timeslips data converted into the program. Customer service is excellent and the program is easy to use. I wish I had made the switch years ago. Complacency with an inferior product often delays progress.”

- Tom Kirkendall - Law Office of Tom Kirkendall

jbaderweb"We rarely encounter any difficulties with using TimeSolv (and when we do, it's usually something we have overlooked.) But when we need help, that help is there immediately. They are meticulous, thorough, and courteous. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

- Janice Bader - Symbus Law Group, LLC

jason_shoup"TimeSolv has made keeping track of billable time and the invoices extremely easy. Everything you could need is included with TimeSolv. It is easy to navigate and user friendly.”

- Jason Shoup - Hanor Law Firm

eva_devincentis"TimeSolv is hands down the best legal billing program available today. With more than 20 years in the legal industry, I've worked with a variety of legal billing programs, and this one tops the cake. Not only is it easy to use, convenient to both law firms and their clients, but if you find anything that you need it to do, that it doesn't currently do, just reach out to the staff at TimeSolv and before you know it, they've updated it with your request!

They have literally taken feedback from many, many firms and individuals to design a program that will exceed all of your expectations.”

- Eva DeVincentis - O'Kelly & Ernst, LLC

peter_thomasweb"We have purchased or demoed countless billing solutions in my firm's multi-year quest to find a better alternative to Timeslips. Clio, Amicus, Bill4Time, Cosmolex, Firm Central, Cosmolex, QuickBooks, eBillity, MyCase, you name it, we tried it. Then we stumbled across TimeSolv. It is outstanding in every way and the simplicity of the user interface has led to ready adoption by everyone in the office and higher usage, and time capturing ratio, than we have ever experienced.

- Pete Thomas - Praxidice law

Robert Ryan"TimeSolv is an invaluable part of the daily process of running our law firm. I would give TimeSolv my highest recommendation, especially for any small to medium size firms looking for a quality and cost effective billing solution."

- G. Robert Ryan Jr. - Ryan law

"I love this company. They are very responsive and their product is very easy to use. If I make a mistake, they right there to help me. I have a boutique law firm and find their product very easy to use.”

- Traci Hinden - Law Offices of Traci M. Hinden

"I love TimeSolv. It is very simple to use, user-friendly, and highly efficient. I especially love all the shortcuts it has in place to save me time when inputting lots of billable time. The invoices are easy to generate and/or edit. Best of all, anytime I am stuck or not sure how to do something, their customer support is just a call away. Never have to wait and I get all my answers immediately from a live representative. I have already recommended it to many colleagues and will continue to do so.”

- Delara Doroodian - Law Office of Michael LaMay

John Floyd Sr."I can tell you right now, I was dreading the move (from Timeslips)...but the move was very efficient. It was done very well. It was cost-efficient, and Tiann did an excellent job working with us, not only once we got everything transferred over, but also staying with us, so that when we were getting ready to do our first set of billing, she was right there to make sure that we understood exactly how to do it. I felt like TimeSolv did an excellent job in making sure that we were pleased with the outcome, and they did a great job following up to make sure that all of our questions were answered.

We've cut our billing time down in half. There are a lot fewer processes to go through in the billing, actual billing itself.

- John Floyd Sr. - Floyd Law Group

shane_lazenbyweb"Here at Lazenby Law Group, we have been using TimeSolv Legal since our inception in late 2013. We are a small personal injury and commercial litigation firm with a fair amount of billable hour work. We split from a larger firm with in-house timekeeping and billing software. Since our billable hour work was less than that of our previous firm, we sought a timekeeping and billing solution much more suited to our size and needs. TimeSolv provided that solution and we have been immensely satisfied and impressed with the ease-of-use, service, and quality in the products and services we have experienced.

- Shane Lazenby

Avi_Frisch"Easy to use, billing process is super fast. I moved from a slow and buggy desktop legal practice program, while functional was utterly infuriating to TimeSolv, which has been a revelation. By far, the best time and billing product I have used or reviewed.”

- Avi Firsch - The Law Office of Avram E. Frisch LLC

Andrea_Castorino"It is a simple solution to attorney billing for small law firm to track their time spent on files. Especially for a firm that uses another program for case management. There are so many excessive billing program out there that cost a fortune and you only end up using the billing portion of it. TimeSolv has the AWESOME feature call Time Sync which allows you to capture time and expenses as you are working on the computer. No more tedious time sheets! I love the feature and it works exceptionally well with dual monitors where you can keep it in the fore front while you work.”

- Andrea Castorino - The Law Firm of George K. Miller, Jr., Esq.

Tammy Walls"The initial thought in migrating our data was that it was going to be really overwhelming but TimeSolv walked me through and made what was a difficult task very simple.”

- Tammy Walls - Wagonheim Law

Peter Finocchiaro"For years I've been frustrated with the rigidity of Timeslips, with its pc-only based system still requiring in-office server, non-intuitive drop down lists and hard to customize reporting. TimeSolv solves for all of that in a web-based, easily migrated and intuitive system. A beautiful tether-cutting solution and presents far better dashboard information from the first page. Personal one-on-one, direct, consistent customer service - meaning your own dedicated service professional directly accessible and quickly responsive eliminated any transitional resistance. Seamless transition without any billing cycle delay.”

- Peter Finocchiaro - Finocchiaro & Associates, PC

"TimeSolv is an optimal solution for our needs. The system is fast and we have experienced next to no system outages. The ability to enter time and generate bills on-the-go is essential for our practice and TimeSolv meets our expectations in this regard. Customer service is always available by phone and has always resolved any questions or issues in one call. We would recommend TimeSolv to any firm.”

- Mathew Lombard - Lombard & Geliebter LLP

"As a former Timeslips user, I am thrilled with Timesolv. It is user friendly and their customer service is outstanding. Very pleased and would highly recommend to anyone.”

- Karen Lasky - Lasky LLC

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