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Credit Card Processing Made For Lawyers

End-to-end credit card processing for lawyers with no monthly fee, no hidden costs

Get Paid Faster with TimeSolvPay

With credit card and ACH processing built into TimeSolv, spend more time practicing law, less time chasing invoices.

The TimeSolvPay Difference

Securely accept both credit card and ACH payments through TimeSolvPay, either online or in-person, using technology that powers billions in transactions. 

Achieve Zero AR

Store client credit card or ACH information in TimeSolv and run hundreds of payments on your schedule, with one click. Cash flow worries disappear.

Client Convenience

TimeSolvPay provides a custom-built portal that allows law firms to easily track data and get instant visibility into deposits.

Transparent Pricing

No monthly fees, no hidden costs with TimeSolvPay. Enjoy a flat processing fee rate, no matter what kind of card is used.

Compare and Save

See the difference in what you pay between TimeSolvPay and LawPay.

Happy customers

We have purchased or demoed countless billing solutions in my firm's multi-year quest to find a better alternative to Timeslips. Clio, Amicus, Bill4Time, Cosmolex, Firm Central, Cosmolex, QuickBooks, eBillity, MyCase, you name it, we tried it. Then we stumbled across TimeSolv. It is outstanding in every way and the simplicity of the user interface has led to ready adoption by everyone in the office and higher usage, and time capturing ratio, than we have ever experienced.

Pete Thomas

Praxidice Law

Easy to use, billing process is super fast. I moved from a slow and buggy desktop legal practice program, while functional was utterly infuriating to TimeSolv, which has been a revelation. By far, the best time and billing product I have used or reviewed.

Avi Firsch

The Law Office of Avram E. Frisch LLC

We rarely encounter any difficulties with using TimeSolv (and when we do, it's usually something we have overlooked.) But when we need help, that help is there immediately. They are meticulous, thorough, and courteous. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Janice Bader

Symbus Law Group, LLC

TimeSolv is powerful enough to meet my needs, but simple enough to be easy to use and understand.

TimeSolv is reasonably priced and not encumbered by a lot of features I don't need or want.

Todd Dickinson

Fisher & Dickinson P.C.

When I finally made the move, in less than a week, I was set up and fully ready to use TimeSolv with 17 years of Timeslips data converted into the program.

Customer service is excellent and the program is easy to use. I wish I had made the switch years ago. Complacency with an inferior product often delays progress.

Tom Kirkendall

Law Office of Tom Kirkendall

TimeSolv has made keeping track of billable time and the invoices extremely easy. Everything you could need is included with TimeSolv. It is easy to navigate and user friendly.

Jason Shoup

Hanor Law Firm

TimeSolv is hands down the best legal billing program available today. With more than 20 years in the legal industry, I've worked with a variety of legal billing programs, and this one tops the cake. 

Eva DeVincentis

O'Kelly & Ernst, LLC

TimeSolv Features

Run Payments in Batch

Achieve zero AR by running payment for hundreds of invoices with one click.

Capture More Time

We meet you where it’s most convenient to capture time entries. Four different ways to enter time and expenses.


TimeSolv was built to handle any time and billing scenario. Create invoices with a variety of rate options and choices.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Try TimeSolv For Free. No Commitment, No Hassle, No Credit Cards.