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TimeSolv Announces Breakthrough Process to Migrate Historical Data from Timeslips

September 14, 2016 -

TimeSolv, a provider of web-based software for legal billing and timekeeping announced today an innovative process to migrate all historical data from Sage Timeslips to TimeSolv.

TimeSolv's New Dashboard Aims to Boost Law Firm Revenues

March 2, 2016 - Timekeepers can now easily track their individual billing performance against the annual billable hour goals.

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We never sell data about our customers or their clients.


Confidentiality is a guarantee. We never access your data.


We constantly strive for honest and ethical business practices.


Our goal is product evolution that benefits the customer.

How We Can Help Your Business

Timesolv works for every type of professional

Whether you’re a first year attorney or a partner, TimeSolv allows easy communication, tracking, and accounting for the whole firm.

With Quickbooks integration, TimeSolv fits seamlessly into your workflow. Daily, weekly, and monthly views of your expenses make it easier than ever to get the big picture.

Easily breaking your business down by client, task, frequency, and more, means bringing new clarity to your work.

Freelancers need great expense reporting software to thrive. Don’t let business expenses and billings take up too much of your time, or you’ll lose efficiency and money.

Tracking time accurately provides important insights to all PR professionals for budgeting and bidding on new fixed-fee projects.

Timesolv was designed for the ground up and it brings you, your clients, your manager, and whoever else you’re working with all together on one platform.

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